US Marine Patrolling US Border Has A Terrifying Warning For Americans After What He Found

To all of you out there who think those of us who supported, and voted for, then candidate Donald Trump because we are xenophobic and racist, here is your wake up call. A former United States Marine Patrolling the Mexico-Texas Border has a chilling message for you and all Americans.

“In an interview with Dennis Michael Lynch, a former U.S. Marine who served in the Middle East is now an active member of a border group that patrols the southern border. He is a former bomb expert trained by the Department of Defense. Known to his pals as “Talon,” he shared his thoughts about the “other than Mexicans” that have been coming through the border for years.

“The Chinese and Middle Eastern people coming through the border are not coming here to cut our lawns and wash dishes. They hate us with a passion,” said Talon. When referring to the Muslims who hate the U.S. he said, “We are the infidels and they think we deserve to die.”

DML asked him how long until another 9/11? Talon answered, “I’m shocked it hasn’t happened yet. Let me tell you that once they figure out how to get a nuke through the border, we will lose a U.S. city.”

There are congressional reports that reveal the drug cartels work with terror groups from the Middle East.”

All this isn’t news to those of us already living in border states. We see what’s coming in on a daily basis. Our cities are being overrun by gang crime like never before. The best of the best doesn’t just walk across our borders. These aren’t children with “Divinity in their Eyes” as Nancy Pelosi calls them. Since President Trump’s inauguration, there has been a sharp decrease in illegals crossing the border illegally, but we won’t be secure until the wall is built and we are able to stop them completely.

Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent official letters to the 9 different cities, counties and the whole state of California ordering them to stop the madness and let The Department of Homeland Security and ICE do their job. If not they will be punished by ceasing to send these 9 entities federal funds. I know my home state of California can’t survive long on its own although liberals and loony politicians actually believe it can. Maybe legalizing Marihuana in this state wasn’t such a great idea after all.

To all you Liberals out there, please, stop with the finger pointing and accusations. This isn’t about being bigoted, Islamophobic, Xenophobic, or whatever “phobic” you want to invent next. It’s about our very survival of as a nation, as a culture and as a people.  If you need to, pretend the bad people slipping in through the border are Christians and Jews. I’m sure if they were you would have no issue whatsoever in building a wall to stop them, but please to play with our security and very existence only because you believe in the madness that is Political Correctness.



April 24, 2017

After their November 2016 shellacking, the Left’s strategy now has all the earmarks of being the efficient annihilation of all solid conservative voices. Subsequently, the entire “fake news” agitation is essentially an approach to reinforce Democratic data control.

A day or two ago, the Left got a tremendous scalp in the state of Bill O’Reilly. Obviously, the Fox News stay got the hatchet subsequently of various lewd behavior claims campaigned against him. In any case, an as of late divulged notice from Bonner Group, a left-wing super PAC with direct associations with George Soros, demonstrates that O’Reilly’s outrage may have been a meer reason to get the popular reporter off of the air, from the Gateway Pundit.

In the spilled email, it’s not O’Reilly’s likely sexual careless activities that are brought up first.

The Bonner Group and Soros’ Media Matters essentially drove the new grapple out because of the way that he “… has been one of the most exceedingly bad purveyors of deception on Fox News.” The email moreover expresses that O’Reilly is a “serial misinformer, pushing a hefty portion of the most extraordinary, sexist, bigot, homophobic, and xenophobic conservative speculations on TV… ”

Fundamentally, the Communist manikin ace Soros required O’Reilly out since he declined to parrot the arrangement lines and the general perspective of the globalist, neoliberal arrangement.

In the moment fallout of O’Reilly’s rejection, the news behemoth pronounced that his 8 p.m. spot would be taken by Tucker Carlson, by means of Breitbart.

O’Reilly’s story ought to be a reminder for the Right: don’t secure the free discourse privileges of the individuals who don’t esteem yours. We should remove a page from the Left’s playbook through denying them the privilege to talk, the privilege to challenge, and the privilege to convert on our school grounds.

What do you think about this? Do not hesitate and write your thoughts in the comments section below.

Share the truth, be patriots!

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Watch This 5-Year-Old Show America What The 2nd Amendment REALLY Means

Liberals can hate on this little boy’s firearm skills all they want, but someday they’ll be praising him when he saves their LIFE.

5-year-old Wyatt is showing America the TRUE meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Wyatt was taught the fundamentals of gun handling, marksmanship and safety by a professional for more than two years before handling an actual firearm. He began training with toy guns, then airsoft weapons, and is just now using an actual pistol.

With a father who has 40 years of firearm experience and 30 years of training personnel in the US and abroad, Wyatt was blessed with the absolute BEST training. His father, Joede, served 20 years in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, spending his last 9 years in SWAT.

“Wyatt liked playing with toy guns. He liked playing soldier or policeman or SWAT guy. He liked me to play along with him and I always attempted to find the time. So really, at least to me it makes sense, he learned how to handle his gun safely,” Joede revealed in an exclusive interview with QPolitical.

“GOD blessed me with a gift of firearms and tactical knowledge along with the ability to instruct it to others. All of that GOD given talent is in my child. His playing guns wasn’t just about playing guns. It was and still is about firearms safety, manipulation and the roll they play in self defense,” Joede continued.

Check out the disclaimer Wyatt’s dad included with the video:

“For those inspired by this video to train your children in the use of firearms, please recognize that this child has been trained by a professional for more than 2 years prior to handling an actual firearm. Safety should always be paramount in firearms training!”

Watch the video right now:

Wyatt may be only 5, but the discipline he gained in firearm training has made him more mature than most adults. I think we’re witnessing a SWAT officer in the making! God bless this family.

CORRUPTION Media REFUSES to report on Trump’s New Policy to Stop ‘Genital Mutilation’ of American Girls


Female genital mutilation(FGM) is one of the most horrible crimes being committed by Muslims.

FGM is a procedure(s) involving altering or hurting women genitals for no reason but to please the Muslim men.

Usually the procedure is done by traditional circumcisers and includes partial or complete removal of the genital organs. This ungodly procedure is known around the world as violation of human rights for all women.

According to breitbart,


By ignoring the imported FGM practice, the TV networks “are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims,” says an April 18 statement by the Media Research Center and ACT for America.

The federal government’s dramatic policy announcement was made April 13 when officials revealed they had charged a Muslim doctor for performing FGM on two American girls from Minnesota. The doctor and the two girls have immigrant parents from Muslim countries, where Islamic leaders endorse the peculiar institution to keep women subordinate to men. Officials also said they had found additional child victims in Michigan.

The establishment media has largely hidden the administration’s new pro-female policy and the shocking crime, which threatens or has already victimized more than 500,000 young American women whose parents are immigrants from countries where FGM is routine.

On April 13, the New York Times just posted a 637-word article on page A14 about a “Michigan doctor” without mentioning “Islam” or “Muslim.” The Washington Post merely ran a 760-word online article on April 13 about a “Detroit emergency room doctor,” and a four-paragraph AP report in the newspaper about a “Detroit-area doctor” on April 14. Neither article mentioned Islam.

TheHill ran a 221-word piece on April 13 about a “Detroit emergency room doctor” which hid the role of imported Islamic ideas. Politico’s website shows no mention of the Muslim doctor’s s name.

The Virginia-based Media Research Council slammed the TV networks on April 18 for ignoring the issue. “Since last Thursday, The New York Times,, and have all posted pieces online about the case and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ran a segment about it on his show Friday. So far, the morning and evening news shows at the big three networks have been silent, and as of this morning so has CNN,” MRC reported Tuesday, April 18.

“The media’s moral compass is hopelessly broken,” said an April 18 joint statement from MRC President Brent Bozell and Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America, an anti-terror groups with a reported membership of 500,000 members.

We have the first case of the brutal practice of FGM in the United States, and the networks are AWOL. You would think an extremely brutal practice of violence against women would make TV headlines here at home, but you would be wrong.

Where is the outrage? The hypocrisy is staggering. The networks, which have for years championed the causes of left-wing feminists and women’s rights, are conspicuously silent on this case and their silence is deafening. This is real exploitation of young girls and the usual suspects who ought to care have little to say about this form of torture making its way to America. This practice is illegal and immoral. The networks have an ethical responsibility to report that it’s happening here at home. If they don’t, they are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims.

The progressives’ reluctance to name-and-shame Islam — despite copious evidence that Islam endorses and promotes the practice — comes as progressives try to block President Trump’s new immigration policies, which threaten to reduce the immigration of Islamic communities and political groups into the United States.

Also, progressive politicians and activists prefer to cooperate with Islamic governments overseas and with Islamic leaders domestically, instead of challenging Muslim government and communities to discard practices that violate Western-style rights. That preference is described at the website for Equality Now, which the New York Times describe as “an international women’s rights advocacy organization.” According to the group’s website:

Our formula for legal success is focusing on individual cases that are significant to a larger cause. Whether it is petitioning freedom for an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning or drawing awareness to the destruction of girls’ schools in Pakistan, Equality Now is on the forefront of the gender equality evolution.

Amid the news about the U.S. case, the group tried to reframe the imported Islamic practice as generic, non-political  “child-abuse.” The group’s leader, Shelby Quast, declared that “we know that this is a child abuse issue, and we know that we need to start training our child protection folks better,” according to the New York Times.

“We need better information about exactly where they are,” Quast said about the doctors that perform back-room FGMs, without noting that they are found in Islamic communities around the United States. For example, the Detroit doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, was trained at Johns Hopkins but reportedly is the daughter of two Indian immigrants from the Bohra sect of Shia Muslims. An article in the Hindustan Times reported that the female clitoris is described as “‘’haraam ki boti’ or immoral lump of flesh” by advocates of FGM.

The newspaper said the two victims were from Minnesota and were delivered to the doctor by their immigrant Somali mothers. Various reports say that Somali Muslims practice an extreme form of this FGM practice, while most Muslim practitioners perform a milder version, with some Muslims merely cutting the female genital “hood” without damaging the clitoris.

2 Months After Moving To Washington, The Truth About Vice President Mike Pence Is Exposed

While the liberal left does everything to destroy the reputation of our nation’s leaders, the surprising truth about Mike Pence left me speechless.

Although Indiana law does not prohibit public officials from using personal email accounts, leftists are attacking Pence for using a personal email during his term as governor of Indiana.

And unlike Hilary Clinton, who actually broke the law by using a private email as secretary of state, the hypocritical left is claiming that Pence is a criminal “unfit to lead” for doing something perfectly legal as a governor. And the painfully obvious double-standard at play is simply ridiculous!

Pence’s office released a statement saying, “Similar to previous governors, during his time as Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence maintained a state email account and a personal email account.”

The statement also explained that Pence received outside counsel to review all of his communications as Indiana governor to ensure that state-related emails were being transferred and properly archived by the state.

In the midst of this outrageous controversy, my respect and admiration for America’s Vice President-Elect has only grown all the more.

Unlike most men in Washington, Mike Pence wasn’t raised in a thriving political household. Instead, Pence carved his own path — fueled by deep convictions which were grounded in his faith.


Michael Richard “Mike” Pence was born on June 7, 1959, in Columbus, Indiana. Pence was the youngest of six children born to devout Catholic churchgoers, Nancy Jane and Edward J. Pence, Jr. His father was a U.S. Army veteran who earned a humble living by operating a gas station.

Pence admits that his parents were never politically inclined. But unlike his family, heroes such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. caught young Pence’s attention and inspired him to get involved in politics.

Pence revealed, “I grew up on the front row of the American dream. My grandfather immigrated to this country, and I was raised in a small town in Southern Indiana in a big family with a cornfield in the backyard. Although we weren’t really a political family, the heroes of my youth were President John F. Kennedy and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The young Pence soon discovered his voice and even entered an oratorical contest in the fifth grade.

“It shouldn’t have come as a surprise,” said Nancy. “He was always talking. What surprised me was how well he could talk in front of large crowds. I believe it was sponsored by the Optimist Club, and Mike was competing against kids in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades,” his mother said. “When it came his turn, his voice just boomed out over the audience. He just blew everybody away. I had a hard time associating the boy up there speaking with our son.”


Pence graduated from Columbus North High School in 1977 and went on to study history at Hanover College. Throughout his childhood, Pence always clung to his faith and had even considered becoming a priest. But in college, his faith wavered and he eventually decided to turn his back on God.

“I went off to college and had largely walked away from the faith that I was raised to believe in,” Pence told the congregation at First Baptist Jacksonville in Florida.


The handsome young man had given up on religion, but that didn’t stop God’s powerful plan for his life. And it wasn’t long before Pence was surrounded by devout Christians who reminded him of the faith he once clung to.

Pence shared,  “When I got to college, I met a group of folks in a non-denominational Christian fellow group.”

Pence recalled the life-changing day he told his fraternity “big brother” that he’d love to get a Christian cross like the one he wore. His friend’s unexpected response left such a powerful impression, Pence would recall it decades later on the floor of Congress.

“Remember, Mike, you have got to wear it in your heart before you wear it around your neck,” Mr. Pence said his fraternity brother told him.

His friend’s convicting message resonated with Pence and months later, he found himself at a Christian music festival. It was there that Pence was again was reminded of the Gospel and all that “Jesus had done” for him. That sermon finally led Pence to take action.

“My heart broke with gratitude and I gave my life to Jesus Christ,” he said.


Pence went on to earn a bachelor of arts degree in history from Hanover College in 1981, and a law degree from the Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1986. But for Pence, rededicating his life to Jesus Christ wasn’t the only blessing that came out of college.

Soon after making the decision to follow Christ, a young musician at church by the name of Karen caught young Pence’s attention.

After service one Sunday, Pence approached Karen and discovered that he went to law school with her sister. A few days later, Pence went to the registrar to look up Karen’s sister to get “the scoop” on the pretty guitarist. At first, the registrar refused. But when Pence explained why he wanted the number, the registrar gave in.


Mike called the phone number for Karen’s sister — but to his complete shock, Karen answered instead. Pence was so surprised, he accidentally hung up on her. Pence took a few moments to collect himself and redialed — eventually inviting Karen out to dinner.

Their adorable first date included ice skating and family, and a “bet” that the pair would eventually get married.


That night, Karen’s 10-year-old niece bet Pence $1 that he would marry her aunt.


That little girl eventually won the bet. And the registrar who made it all possible attended their wedding on June 8, 1985.


This year, Mike and Karen celebrated 31 years of wedded bliss — and as their new role in America approaches, the Pence family remains a united front.

“We’ve always been a team,” Karen said. “We’ve always approached it [politics] as a team.”

The future vice president chimed in, “She’s the best part of my life, everything we do in public life, we do together. I can’t imagine it any other way.”


But Mike Pence is not only a devoted husband, but he’s a proud father as well.


Mr. and Mrs. Pence have three children together: Charlotte, Michael, and Audrey.


Throughout his political campaign, the Pence family has shown their true colors. The three children have been incredibly supportive of their dad’s campaign — traveling with him, making calls, and praying for him every day.

Mike Pence is a proud supporter of our troops. Especially due to the fact that his eldest, Michael J. Pence is a Marine Corps officer.


Pence’s eldest daughter, Charlotte is a filmmaker and a writer. According to her website, Charlotte directed a documentary called “For the Records,” which highlights the struggle of mental illness. She was also associate producer and co-writer of “Fleeced,” which won nine regional Emmy awards.


The youngest of the Pence family, Audrey Pence, is a social liberal. She’s independent politically and has voted split ticket in elections. But despite the fact that they don’t share the same views, her dad has been proud of her for thinking independently — and she voted for him in the Indiana governor election.

Audrey revealed, “Probably the person I get the most respect from is my dad. He has always… he tells me so many times, ‘I am proud of you for having your own opinions and looking into things.’”


But even more important than being a family man, Mike Pence considers his faith in Jesus Christ the most crucial aspect of his life.

Pence shared,“I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican. In that order.” And added that his “Christian faith is at the very heart of who” he is. Pence continued, “I made a commitment to Christ. I’m a born-again, evangelical Catholic.”


Politics may be new arena for Donald Trump, but Pence — a former six-term congressman — is well aware of the liberal backlash that comes when you take a stand for unborn lives, Israel, and the Second Amendment.

The liberal media’s response to Pence’s election has been nothing short of horrific. Countless headlines mock, name-call, and repeatedly insult the former Indiana Governor and his family. But despite it all, Mike Pence remains steadfast, unshakable, and firm in his stances.

“One thing you can say about Mike Pence is he’s got a very calm, steady demeanor that in some ways is a little Reagan-esque,” said Christine Mathews, a Republican pollster for former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. “He’s a counterbalance to Trump in that way.”


Time and time again throughout this election, the former lawyer has encouraged Americans to respond to hatred with love — and make prayer a priority.

Pence shared, “I would encourage you, if you are inclined to do as the Pence family does from time to time, to bow the head and bend the knee. Pray that America will once again stand tall, stand strong. ‘[Prayer is] the last best hope of earth,’ that’s what Abraham Lincoln called it. It’s still true.”

Watch the powerful video below, as Pence explains why he thinks prayer is important in America: 

As countless Americans find themselves in the midst of riots, hatred, hurt, and anger, Pence reminds Americans to use the most powerful weapon in their possession: prayer.


“So, I encourage you. Remember, what’s been true for thousands of years is still true today. That if His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray, He will hear from heaven, and He – as He’s always done before – He will heal our land. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” – Mike Pence


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Praise God for our new Vice President-Elect Mike Pence! America needs more men like him! Please keep Pence and President-Elect Donald Trump in your prayers throughout this crucial time throughout their first few days in the White House.

May God Bless our new Leaders. And May God Bless America! Please share if you agree!

Nine U.S. No-Go Zones Just Identified In These States After What Muslims Are Doing There Now – Stay AWAY!!

We live in very frightening times today. And, I am sure that every generation has faced uncertainty, but this time it seems different. We are not only battling liberals and their destructive agenda but also radical Islam.

These Muslims are doing their best to conquer the world with their hateful religion. At one time, it appeared that America was immune to this cancer, but we were wrong. After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, it is obvious we have been infiltrated. And, now, there are chilling new reports being revealed that America is definitely in serious trouble.

A video has recently surfaced that shows Muslim enclaves being erected across the country. These enclaves are ruled by Sharia law and are in nine different states across America. These states are Alaska, California, New York, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

I know this is hard to believe that this is happening in our own country. Of course, after watching this video, I decided to do more digging to understand more of this terrifying epidemic. That is when I stumbled on an article by the Clarion Project, and their report was equally unnerving.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a senior official of Muslims of the Americas, a group that has been linked to terrorism, stated under oath that there are Islamic camps around the country.

Ul-Fuqra went on to say that these “Islamic villages” are all around the country but refuses to disclose any more information about their dangerous organization. He also claims to have no records on any of these groups. He even claimed that no one knows who handles the finances in any of their “Muslim-only towns”.

But, that is not all of what this report detailed.

MOA says it has 22 settlements across the United States.[8] A 2006 report for law enforcement put the number at above 35 and estimated that the organization has 3,000 members. It said that the organization is set up like “classically structured terrorist cells” and that Gilani is “now known as an international terrorist.” It said that at least seven of the communes are used for paramilitary training and that members are also sent to Pakistan for further instruction. [9] There are unconfirmed reports of members being trained in Sudan.[10]

A former high-level MOA operative that was an NYPD informant says that MOA also has set up operations in Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Venezuela. He said that the paramilitary training is now only given to a select group. He describes MOA as being cult-like and said that most of the children are taught privately on its premises and are illiterate. He says he witnessed vicious punishments, including the beating of a 50-year old woman, for violating the strict moral code set by Gilani.[11] Two former female MOA members were interviewed by a filmmaker in 2011 and told stories of abuse, polygamy, forced marriages, brainwashing and terrorist activity.[12]

You can read more of their disturbing findings HERE.  If this does not send chills up your spine, I do not know what will.

Of course, there is only one person to place the blame on and that is Barack Hussein Obama. That traitor allowed these people to enter our country unchecked and unvetted. Obama did this all under the guise of political correctness and compassion, and now our borders are flooded with these animals.

Thankfully, we have President Trump who is a huge proponent of our second amendment rights. I urge us all to stay vigilant and to carry whenever possible. Hopefully, we will be able to turn this around quickly without any more bloodshed.

What do you think about these enclaves? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]

Look What Trump Did IMMEDIATELY Before Bombing ISIS

President Donald Trump directed the U.S. military to drop its largest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, killing 92 terrorists. Right before the bombing, Trump gave 4,800 Muslim migrants some very bad news.

Breitbart reported that over 4,000 migrants from Somalia have been marked for deportation. This was revealed by Somalia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Isse Awad, who said that most of the migrants about to be deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are not currently being detained.

“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Awad said, adding that 300 refugees will be deported in the next month.

There are currently an estimated 76,000 migrants from Somalia in the U.S.

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Man Sees Thug Beating and Kicking Toddler… Seconds Later, Thug Feels Sickening Thud

There’s a special place in hell for people who victimize children, but for one douchebag who tried to beat his young 2-year-old daughter to death, he didn’t have to wait until the afterlife to get what was coming to him. And luckily for the little girl, her hero arrived just in the nick of time to safe her life from her psychotic and mentally deranged father.

Don Gilbert was just minding his own business at the Sunnyside Motel in Vancouver, Washington, setting down for the night around 9 pm when the silence of the evening was pierced by the shrieks of a child coming from the parking lot outside. Without hesitating, Gilbert grabbed his baseball bat and made his way out the door, where he would then encounter a very disturbing scene.

That’s when he would witness 32-year-old Kyle Holder kicking and beating his tiny daughter in an admitted attempt to kill her.  Gilbert didn’t waste time trying to talk or reason with the man to stop, but immediately took his baseball bat and began cracking the man’s skull with targeted blows to save the toddler’s life.

Don Gilbert hit Holder with baseball bat several times, pulled toddler away from her attacker

“I hit him once in the back. He had the baby by his feet,” Gilbert said. “He took her to the curb and just slammed her down, and that’s when I cracked him in the skull three or four times.”

The reason that Holder was savagely beating his daughter was beyond revolting.

“I did not want to kill her, but I had to. I had to hold my daughter and crush her head so she could go up to the sky,” Holder said.

“He was just babbling about God’s coming for everyone and he’s got to get the evil out of his daughter,” Gilbert continued.

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National Vietnam War Veterans Day

On March 28, President Trump signed Senate Bill 305, the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 which designates March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It was on this day in 1973 that the last U.S. combat troops left Vietnam on this day in.

President Trump tweeted:

“Tonight I’m proud to sign S. 305, which encourages the display of the U.S. flag on National Vietnam War Veterans Day tomorrow, March 29th.”

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), who co-authored the bill with Joe Donnelly (D-IN), said

Some of them were actually treated quite poorly. And that was a tragic period in our history driven by people’s perceptions of the war. Fortunately, that, I think, is behind us now. And I hope and I believe we’ve gotten to a place where the American people realize how much we really should be grateful to the men and the women who served this country in Vietnam during that very, very difficult time.”

And Zachariah Pearson, director of McKean County, Penn. Veterans Affairs added:

Vietnam veterans nobly served during a conflict which was not too popular during that time. It’s an absolute shame the way in which this country responded to the welcoming home of our Vietnam veterans. When they got home, they struggled to find employment, healthcare and places to go to talk about some of the events that took place over there.”

Many of us Vietnam Veterans remember the way we were treated as we returned home. And many of us will continue to suffer from our participation in that war. But we will never forget that

Out of the 2.7 million U.S. service members who served in Vietnam, more than 58,000 were killed and more than 304,000 were wounded.

And we are thankful to all of you who come up to us and thank us for our service to our country. You may be unaware how much we appreciate that.

Pissed Off Veterans Take Matters Into Their Own Hands After Seeing SICK Thing VA Hospital Did With Trump’s Pic

Despite the many hats that the President of the United States wears, his primary job is still to be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Much of the respect that other nations give him is because he controls the movements of the greatest military force on earth.

After these formidable men and women in uniform have completed their service, they are forever entitled to certain support and benefits. One of these benefits is health care provided by the Veterans Affairs office, which is overseen by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Because of this, the portrait of both the President and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs are supposed to hang in each VA hospital, but for some reason, the frames are empty at the hospital in West Palm Beach. This happens to be the hospital where congressman and dual-amputee veteran Brian Mast seeks his treatment.

Via CBS:

“Congressman Brian Mast, himself a veteran, brought the men and the portraits to the facility and demanded they be installed. The whole thing was caught on camera.

This video shows first term Congressman Brian Mast and a group of veterans taking action.

Mast’s office says he was contacted by several constituents who wore this country’s uniform with the same issue – they wanted to know why President Donald Trump’s portrait and Secretary David Schulkin’s portrait were not there to greet visitors at the VA hospital.”

The Congressman is obviously dedicated to fixing this problem, as is Army veteran, John Rourke:

“Two blank holes, it’s been 60 something days now. The veterans administration has been asked about it a few times, the local VA hospital has and they haven’t had any real reason other than they didn’t have the picture, which is readily available.

“That’s the person who would ultimately give the order for us to put our lives in danger and we believe that his picture should be displayed there proudly.”

Despite the actions of Congressman Mast and his fellow veterans, the VA took the portraits down shortly after they were installed. A spokeswoman told CBS that “the congressman’s actions and the actions of the veterans who accompanied him were ‘inappropriate’ and that the cell phone video was not legally obtained.

(Source: CBS Local)