Trump Trolls CBS Reporter to His Face – “I love your show. I call it Deface the Nation.”

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” President Donald Trump said to host John Dickerson, “I love your show. I call it Deface the Nation.”

Partial transcript as follows:

TRUMP: Well, it’s a tough job. But I’ve had a lot of tough jobs. I’ve had things that were tougher, although I’ll let you know that better at the end of eight years. Perhaps eight years. Hopefully, eight years. But I’ll let you know later on. I think we’ve done very well with foreign policy. I think we’ve done very, very well with relationships with other leaders.

I think we’re doing great on trade deals. It’s set. And I think we’re doing well. I mean, our country is being out-traded at every single point. We’re losing tremendous amounts of money on trade. And I think actually, I’ve been very consistent. You know, it’s very funny when the fake media goes out, you know, which we call the mainstream media which sometimes, I must say, is you.

DICKERSON: You mean me personally or?

TRUMP: Well, your show. I love your show. I call it Deface the Nation. But, you know, your show is sometimes not exactly correct. But when they talk about currency manipulation, and I did say I would call China, if they were, a currency manipulator, early in my tenure. And then I get there. Number one, they — as soon as I got elected, they stopped. They’re not — it’s not going down anymore, their currency.


Monster snowstorm in Colorado forces postponement of climate change & global warming rally

A mid-spring snowstorm in Colorado over the weekend postponed a rally that sought to bring attention “climate change” and “global warming,” as well as protest President Donald Trump’s climate policies.

A march slated to take place in Colorado Springs on Saturday had to be cancelled after weather forecasters predicted heavy snowfall and blizzard-like conditions. Only a few inches of snow fell in the Colorado Springs area, but more than a foot of snow fell on other parts of the state.

“Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curveball! We know we aren’t in the business of risking anyone’s safety. Dangerous conditions and wet heavy snow in the forecast for tomorrow,” a local climate change organization wrote on their Facebook page.

The freezing weather and snow, however, was unable to postpone a similar rally in Denver, where pictures of a snowman at the global warming rally made rounds on Twitter.

As well as an ironic sign:

In other parts of the country where similar marches and rallies took place, the weather was a little kinder to the liberal climate alarmist narrative. In Washington D.C., the temperature was in the upper 80’s to near 90 as people gathered to protest Trump’s climate policies.

The People’s Climate March, which was supported by hundreds of thousands across the country and tens of thousands in Washington, was sponsored by environmental groups, labor unions and social justice groups.

Video showed thousands marching in the streets of Washington, where former Vice President Al Gore, Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson showed up to protest as well.

This weekend’s protests come one week after last week’s “March for Science.”

Family Blames Cops After Girls Die Stealing Car, Then 1 Cop Issues Epic Response

When a criminal dies in the course of committing a crime, the entitlement crowd wants to blame everyone and everything else when, in reality, the person’s death was entirely their own fault.

For example, back in 2016, three teenagers in St. Petersburg, Florida stole a car, and in their attempt to flee from the cops, they wrecked into a pond, killing each of them, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Laniya Miller, 15, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Dominique Battle, 16, reportedly asked a 36-year-old man for a ride, but when he stopped at a local Walmart before dropping the girls off at their destination, the young female thugs decided to take the man’s car.Now, relatives of the deceased criminals have reportedly been outraged at the police and have even blamed the officers for the girls’ deaths because they didn’t do enough to save them.

The relatives have pointed to a dash cam video from the fatal incident that they claim shows “neglect” on the part of the officers.

On the video, according to the Times, one officer could be heard saying, “It’s going all the way down. It’s almost fully submerged. I hear them yelling, I think!”

“They’re done. They’re done. They are sig 7, dude,” another officer replied.
(“Sig 7” refers to signal 7, a radio code for “dead person.”)

In response to the entitled families that have been blaming the officers, Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri posted a response on Facebook that completely obliterated any argument these relatives were making.

Unfortunately, some people are irresponsibly and falsely posting on Facebook that deputies did not attempt to rescue the…

Posted by Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on Friday, April 22, 2016

Gualtieri posted a dash cam video that showed the officers had taken off pieces of their uniform and were attempting to go into the water after the girls.

“It’s a bunch of junk,” the sheriff said. “Those deputies went in that water and tried to save those girls at their own peril.”

In fact, the deputies did try to rescue the girls, according to an investigative report, but when they got in the water, they realized the conditions made the rescue “too risky for those involved.”

Watch the video of the rescue attempt here:

These deputies are, in no way, responsible for these girls’ deaths. Maybe if their parents had taught them better at home, they wouldn’t have been stealing cars for fun and would still be alive today.

Unfortunately, the notion that people aren’t responsible for their own actions is only growing. That, coupled with the anti-police sentiment that has taken the country by storm, has only led to more entitled criminals and parents who probably can’t even tell you what “responsibility” means.

H/T Mad World News

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Do you think the cops should have made more of an attempt to rescue these criminals?

Bill Maher Called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas To Her Face — You Can Imagine What Happened Next

Bill Maher called Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas to her face Friday night, and she was left speechless.

On HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the Democratic leader went silent when the host used a nickname often used by President Donald Trump to describe her.

“His fans are not with you,” Maher explained. “Explain to me what that disconnection is?”

“Actually, I’m going to push back,” Warren responded. “I disagree with you.”

“His fans are not with you,” Maher repeated. “Come on. They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

The Massachusetts senator gave him quite a look and paused for a long time, while the audience could be heard laughing loudly in the background. Warren then continued defending her position.

“When you talk about what’s really the basic pieces of a progressive agenda–raise the minimum wage, expand social security, reduce the cost of college so people don’t get crushed by student loan debt, more not less regulation of financial institutions … progressive taxation, make those at the top pay their fair share–America, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, vegetarians, Americans by about two-to-one are with us on that,” Warren insisted. “The progressive agenda is America’s agenda. We cannot forget that, and we cannot apologize.”

“I know, but this is the disconnect I’m talking about,” Maher repeated. “I agree with you. They’re with you on the issues, and then they vote for him.”


FINALLY! Sharpton Just Got Handed Punishment For Not Paying Taxes! He’s FURIOUS!

Rev. Al Sharpton has taken to the airwaves again recently attempting to discredit President Trump.

 Sharpton harshly criticizes the president’s tax plan and demands that Trump releases his tax returns. Trump has repeatedly said he would do so after an audit is completed.

Al Sharpton is talking out of both sides of his mouth when he complains about taxes.

The liberal activist and MNSBC host has his own tax issues that have yet to be dealt with.

The US Herald reported that a law signed by President Obama revoked thepassports of those who owe more than $50,000 in back taxes. And Al Sharpton owes a lot more than that.

Heat Street reviewed public records as the new year began.

They revealed that Sharpton and his companies, “including several dissolved by New York for failure to pay taxes, owe approximately “$1.5 million in state and federal taxes, interest and penalties.”

Sharpton dismissed the criticism of his tax debt stating that We’re talking about old taxes. I think it’s political.

Can the rest of us use that argument?

Sharpton has consistently called for the wealthy in this country topay their fair share.”

A source close to Sharpton told Heat Street that he’s been paying it down aggressively, aware of how it may affect his legacy.

Really? He is concerned about his legacy!

What about all the welfare programs he is so fond of? Shouldn’t he help fund those as a rich taxpayer?

This is the same rich man who decries that the rich must pay their fair share, yet he consistently failed to pay his.

The double standards of Sharpton and the Democratic Party should infuriate all Americans.

At least we can all have a good laugh as Sharpton remains unable to travel overseas thanks to his friend Obama.

It will also be entertaining to watch the Trump administration ensure that Sharpton pays his fair share.

Ann Coulter Made A Fool Of A Trump-Hating Reporter On His Own Show – News

Ann Coulter, on top of being one of the biggest Trump supporters there are, is one of the smartest political pundits in the business. Her book, Adios America, talks about the scourge of illegal immigration in the country and how it has shaped the political arena and tainted what was once a great country to raise a family and destroyed all hope for the future.

She went on Fusion TV to speak with Jorge Ramos, a journalist who is virulently anti-Trump and pro-illegal immigration.

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was beaten badly by Ann’s wit and knowledge on the subject.

Do you think Ann went too far?

What Bernie Sanders’ Wife Just Did With Your Tax Dollars, Now Has Her Under FBI Investigation

Since we all know all too well how “Socialists” and “Communists” operate, this should be of no surprise to anyone. It appears Jane Sanders, the wife of Socialist Senator and past Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gotten herself into some hot water.

Just like any good Socialist Jane Sanders, who was president of a very small Burlington College between 2004 to 2011,  Decided to scheme her students in order to drive up admissions from 200 to 400 full-time students. In order to do this, the college would require take on $10 million in debt to finance the purchase additional land for a new campus.

The plan included the purchase of a 33-acre plot on the shores of Lake Champlain which is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The land even included an old building that used to be an orphanage, which was supposed to be the new college building.

People’s Bank agreed to purchase the bonds but only if the college was able to get at least $2.27 million in grants and donations prior to closing from donors.  Sanders at the time of pre-approval of the loan stated she already had 2.6 million in donor funds lined up and that this number was just the beginning. So being the good Socialist that she is,  in 2010, she went on to apply for 6.7 million in tax-exempt bonds. All of which were clearly a lie on Sander’s behalf, with intent to commit fraud. But I’m sure she won’t do any prison time because left-wing elitists like her who don’t know what an eyeliner is for always go free. Just ask Hillary. reports:

“In a Dec. 22 email, Paul Van de Graaf, chief criminal lawyer for the U.S. attorney’s office, wrote to Bachman: “I think we need to make sure there is nothing significant to our federal investigation before (the records) are destroyed.”

Van de Graaf told Bachman the U.S. attorney would pay for the state to extend its lease on the property where the records were being stored. Bachman then drafted two resolutions for the Burlington College board to approve.

One resolution gave the U.S. attorney permission to “review and take possession” of the records being stored by the Agency of Education. The second authorized the Agency of Education to destroy any records that remain in its possession. Both are signed by Burlington College board Chair Yves Bradley and dated Dec. 28.

Van de Graaf and another lawyer with the U.S. attorney’s office began sifting through the Burlington College records Jan. 4, according to the emails.

On Feb. 2, Bachman told Van de Graaf that FBI special agent Patrick Hanna had requested an additional month to review the Burlington College records. She asked Van de Graaf to make sure he had the records he needed before March 1, so the state could begin shredding whatever remained.

The FBI spokesman VTDigger spoke with declined to say what Hanna does for the bureau.

Bachman said this week that the Agency of Education has now destroyed the remaining nonacademic records from Burlington College.

Bradley, the board chair, said Thursday that he was aware of an FBI investigation into Burlington College for more than a year. He said he and other board members were informed of the inquiry by Coralee Holm, who was at that time dean of operations and advancement.

Holm and others connected to the college were subpoenaed by the FBI, according to Bradley. Agents told Holm she could inform the board of trustees that an investigation was taking place, but she was directed not to provide any further information, Bradley said.

Holm, who is now public information officer for South Burlington, did not return a call seeking comment Thursday.

Bradley said he had no contact with the FBI or U.S. attorney — except through the college’s lawyer — and was not aware of who else was subpoenaed.”

I’m sure all “fairness” loving liberals will get out of this fraud is a warm tingly feeling knowing Mr. and Mrs. Sanders are meant to be with each other. They are both con artists who have no shame. She defrauded a bank. The other, who is a charlatan who didn’t have a real job until he was elected to public office at the age of 40, defrauded an army of millennial voters into believing he “cared” during the 2016 primary season.

Feeling “Berned” Yet?

George W. Bush Just DESTROYED The Media With 3 Words…Even Donald Is STUNNED! [Watch]

Once a U.S. president finishes his time in office, it’s expected for him to step out of the public light.

Very rarely do we see them continue in politics, seeking another office. But often, as in the case of Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush, they will endorse or support charitable organizations to make the country a better place.

Occasionally they will reappear for an interview or book release, something that offers them an opportunity to comment on the direction of our country. Many Americans look to our former presidents as saintly advisors, whose experience and insight can still encourage, direct, and inspire Americans.

You’ll notice how radically different Bill Clinton’s career has gone since his disgraceful time in office. Instead of retreating to private life, he has led a global money-laundering scheme—I mean charity called the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Most of what Clinton has been doing over the last decade and a half has been shilling for his wife, who was laboring to install herself as president. That failed, so maybe they will retreat to private life finally.

One former president that has been a model in his behavior has been George W. Bush. After what can only be called a controversial administration, Bush has stayed out of the limelight, mostly to avoid harming the Republican Party.

You will probably have already heard about his recent remarks that the MSM have tried to frame to insult Donald Trump. Yet what most outlets won’t tell you is how Bush simply destroyed the media with just a few simple remarks.

From Conservative Tribune:

Former President George W. Bush put NBC’s Matt Lauer in his place during an interview about President Donald Trump and his treatment of the media.

In Bush’s appearance on NBC’s “TODAY,” Lauer asked President Bush what he thought of President Trump’s job in office so far.

The former president responded by saying the media haven’t exactly made President Trump’s job all that easy.

“When I was president, you (the major networks) mattered a lot more,” Bush told Lauer with a smile on his face. “Because there were, like, three of you. And now there’s all kinds of information being bombarded out. People can say things anonymously, and it’s just a different world.”

Wow. Talk about a smack down. One can say Bush’s entire administration was undermined and demolished thanks to the relentless assault on the part of the mainstream media. They worked overtime to discredit Bush’s work to fight terrorism and made the War in Iraq to look like a disaster.

That was the most crucial factor that led to the election of radical leftist Barack Obama.

Yet the media tried to do the same thing to Trump, and lost spectacularly. You can argue that the media worked even harder to destroy Trump, with wild accusations, smear campaigns, and attacks on his family and character. But they didn’t work.

That simply shows just how weak and unimportant the mainstream media has become. Vast majority of Americans get their news online, from independent sources that are not polluted by liberal corporations.

In the end, the MSM won’t learn a thing from Bush’s words. They still wish they lived in an age long passed, an age where people believe everything they said and could manipulate them anyway they liked.

Sorry, but those days are dead.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Climate change alarmists’ prediction about Pacific Northwest now looks embarrassingly bad!

Apr 30, 2017

During the past decade, a common theme in the research findings of climate alarmists studying California, Oregon, and Washington state has been reduced snowfall. Some alarmists even lamented it could be “the end of snow,” as Porter Fox did for the New York Times in 2014. Yet, despite these extreme predictions, which also blamed humans for burning the fossil fuels that caused the warmer temperatures, the 2017 winter has provided the region with greater snowfall, leaving climate change advocates looking more than just a little foolish.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the snowpack in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is the seventh-deepest it’s been since 1950 and the biggest since 2011.

“As of Thursday, the snowpack across the entire Sierra was at 164% of average for this time of year,” reported the Times. “The northern region was at 147%, the central was at 175% and the southern was 164% of average, respectively, state data showed.”

Writing for the Washington Policy Center, Todd Myers, the organization’s director of the Center for the Environment, reported on Wednesday there is “no sign of warming” in Washington state. Among Myers’ “key findings” is that despite the fact “academics, like U.W. Professor Paul Johnson, say that declining snowpack levels in the Northwest is a sign of global warming,” “They’re wrong. Snowpack levels have been above average in eight of the last ten years.”

Myers also wrote, “In the winter of 2015-16 snowpack was 112% of normal. In 2016-17 it was 115% of normal.”

The Bend, a newspaper in central Oregon, reported in January the central Oregon region had received “historic snow depths” that smashed records going back at least 20 years.

These findings are in total contradiction to the claims made by climate change alarmists over the past decade. For instance, in 2015, climate change researchers at the University of Arizona claimed their findings revealed the “extreme character” of the Sierra Nevada snowpack and the changing nature of California winters.

“Our study really points to the extreme character of the 2014-15 winter,” said Valerie Trouet, a professor at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. “This is not just unprecedented over 80 years—it’s unprecedented over 500 years.”

“We should be prepared for this type of snow drought to occur much more frequently because of rising temperatures,” Trouet said. “Anthropogenic warming is making the drought more severe.”

Sources: YPCC and The Associated Press

Summarizing research conducted on the Pacific Northwest and climate change, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrote on its website in October 2011, “Increases in extreme high precipitation (falling as rain) in the western Cascades and reductions in snowpack are key projections from high-resolution regional climate models.”

As recent data clearly show, nothing could be further from the truth.

Report: Top Conservatives Planning New Network to Replace Fox News

A report from Mediaite published Friday says that “an alternative conservative network is being actively discussed amongst conservative fat cats” due to concerns over the ideological drift of Fox News.

According to the report, a source close to the matter told the liberal-leaning Mediaite that “serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Channel is moving too far to the left.”

“The source, who is engaged in the talks, says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network,” it continued.

The Friday meeting came on the heels of several weeks of turmoil at the network. In addition to the departure of Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment claims, a profile of Rupert Murdoch’s sons James and Lachlan in The New York Times last weekend claimed the two were moving away from the “old-guard culture on which their father built his empire” and wanted “a warmer and fuzzier workplace” at Fox News.

A New York magazine article pointed in a similar direction, saying a “management shake-up” was in the offing and reporting that Murdoch’s sons refused to give network co-president Bill Shine a vote of confidence after “withering press coverage of Fox News in recent weeks.”

In a tweet Thursday, Fox News personality Sean Hannity said that if Shine departed, “that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done.”

According to Mediaite, the new network “could immediately reach at least 85 million homes.” That’s all good, but who would be the on-air talent?

Bill O’Reilly was one name immediately mentioned by Mediaite, as was Tomi Lahren, the former host who’s on the outs at TheBlaze.

In addition, a leftward drift of Fox News would likely mean a number of the more solidly conservative members of the staff would jump ship. While it’s too early to speculate, it doesn’t sound like Sean Hannity, for instance, is all that jazzed about the “warmer and fuzzier” Fox News.

However, the source says that the “who” won’t be determined until the “how” is laid out. One thing’s for sure, though — if the “fair and balanced” network wants to lurch to the left, it’s going to have some very strong competition.

H/T TheBlaze

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