Liberal Governor Announces ‘Sanctuary State’… Only Days Later A 3-Year-Old Girl Pays The Price For It

Warning: The following story will make you sick — and very angry.

If anyone you know still doesn’t understand why President Trump plans to build that “big, beautiful” wall on the southern border, or they feel sorry for all those illegal aliens now being deported back to Mexico, you may want to show them this news report.

Even after being elected, Donald Trump hasn’t stopped talking about the victims of these criminals. He made Katie Steinle a household name, and her family and others effected by this crime wave endorsed his campaign. But they weren’t just campaign props — it is obvious that Trump genuinely cares about these victims and all the others like them. He mentioned them once again in his address to the joint session of Congress.

Their stories are heartbreaking but this one may be the worst of all.

Breitbart reports:

“Police charged an illegal alien from Guatemala with sexually molesting a three-year-old girl in the ‘sanctuary state’ of Connecticut. Police arrested Douglas Hus-Flores, a 19-year-old Guatemalan national, and charged him with first-degree sexual assault, and risk of injury to a minor. The mother found the toddler bleeding and rushed her to a nearby hospital.” (…)

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) sent a memo in February to law enforcement officials across the state demanding they refuse compliance with federal immigration officials in order to help shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration law, as Breitbart News reported.

Why do so many Democrats like Governor Malloy care more about criminals than their victims?

These criminals contribute nothing to society — in fact, they use us precious resources without giving anything back.

Meanwhile, law abiding taxpayers are forced to pay for everything from their government benefits to their lawyers and incarceration.

President Trump has vowed that “sanctuary” states like Connecticut will be cut off from federal funding if they persist in their lawbreaking ways.

What kind of a message does it send citizens when their state’s chief law enforcement official — their governor — flouts the law in this fashion?

In the interest in law and order and social cohesion, the sooner President Trump cracks down on Malloy and makes an example out of him, the better.

Source: Allen B. West | Patriot Journal

Mike Huckabee REVEALED Clintons’ HUGE Secret – Trump Was Right!!

Former Governor: Russians I Met With Today Want Their $500K Back for Bill Clinton’s Speech.

Russian officials told former Governor Mike Huckabee they want their $500,000 back for Bill Clinton’s speech in Moscow in 2010.

Bill Clinton gave a speech to the Russia-based Renaissance Capital in Moscow on June 29, 2010..

Bill Clinton speaks in Moscow for one hour for half a million dollars. (Breitbart)

Russian president Vladimir called Clinton to thank him for speaking.

Governor Mike Huckabee says Russia wants their money back.

FOX News reported on Clinton’s speech in Russia:

Trump White House officials now are trying to draw attention to that speech and the Clintons’ ties to Russia in a bid to counter criticism over Trump Jr.’s now-infamous meeting.

“If you want to talk about having relationships with Russia, I’d look no further than the Clintons,” Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a briefing last week. “Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, personally thanked by President Putin.”

The former president indeed had received a personal call from then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expressing his appreciation for the speech. According to Mrs. Clinton’s ethics disclosure form filed while she was secretary of State, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 by the Russia-based finance company Renaissance Capital for his June 29, 2010, speech in Moscow to its employees and guests attending the company’s annual conference.

Now the Russians want their money back.

Source> Gateway Pundit

POLL: Should Trump Investigate the Clintons For Selling Our Uranium to Russia?


POLL:  Please read the following article and then vote below.

The Clintons have been associated with corruption from their earliest days back in Arkansas.  As they ascended in power, their opportunities for corrupt dealings only increased.  Isn’t it remarkable that the supposedly bankrupt first couple was able to amass a fortune estimated at well over $100M in only a few short years?

As prolific as they were, things really heated up once they established the Clinton Foundation and Hillary became the Secretary of State.  Suddenly, the money began to pour in.  Donations from around the world began to flood into the foundation with only a small fraction of the money ever going to charity.

In this environment, the State Department amazingly approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians.  Uranium One controls 20 percent of our uranium.  Interestingly, Bill Clinton was paid an enormous sum of money at this time from the Russians – $500,000.  That must have been some speech!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much material here for any intrepid investigator, backed by congressional authority and the Justice Department, that this could put the Clintons Crime Family away for good.  One person who is really sick of the Clinton Scam is the president.  He tweeted this to get the ball rolling:

I’d say the Clintons are not sleeping well after this.  Please vote whether you think this investigation should begin.

Source> LLN

Look What President Trump Just Defunded… Muslims Are Boiling Mad!

As President Trump pushes ahead with his belt-fixing measures keeping in mind the end goal to shrivel the national budget plan, there are certain to be some extremely agitated groups, who are accustomed to getting normal implantations of assets from the government. The vast majority of them are Islamic associations professedly devoted to keeping youthful Muslims from getting radicalized and getting to be jihadis. Actually, President Trump is doubtful about the viability of such projects.

Not only did Trump cancel the traditional Iftar dinner hosted at the White House to stamp the finish of the Islamic celebration of Ramadan, he has instructed the Department of Homeland Security to quit financing Islamic associations that Trump fondled weren’t holding their end of the understanding.

Via Breitbart:

Administration officials have eliminated 2016 plans to fund Islamic groups allied to former President Barack Obama and declined to schedule a 2017 Islamic ‘Iftar’ dinner where those groups were able to show their political influence to the ambassadors of wealthy Islamic countries.

The turnaround was made public on Friday when the Department of Homeland Security announced a revised list of organizations that receive DHS funds to help prevent young Muslims from becoming jihadis. The new list was replaced by the Obama List announced on January 13, 2017, and it dropped a $ 800,000 grant for an Islamic seminary in Los Angeles, and a $ 393,000 grant for a related organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation.

The foundation is a spin-off of the DC-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, whose leaders were frequent advisors to Obama and his deputies, where they lobbied for a national strategy of letting semi-segregated Islamic political communities and groups – but not the FBI – play the leading role in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

Secretary Kelly’s reasoning is sound:

Kelly explained his new pro-integration strategy in a June 22 event held in Congress, where he acknowledged that Islamic terrorists are acting for the sincere religious reasons, saying:

They are out there doing what they think is their religion and think [it is] what they should do … What I have chosen to do is to take what little money I have in this regard and give it to what I consider to Be the time-proven things – law enforcement from an outreach point of view and communities developing relationships … so that there is an open line of communication so they know if they see this [advocacy or preparation for violence] happening in the home or they see it Happening – that is to say, the move towards radicalism – or they see it happening in the churches or mosques, they know to call someone before that person typically crosses the line.

Probably, President Trump needs to evacuate any government financial help that possibly savage Islamic groups are getting under the appearance of counteracting savagery. Furthermore, we’ve seen a lot of those.

How frequently do we know about FBI attacks on Muslim mosques that are loaded with immense weapons stores?

Trump is exhibiting that he has each goal of bringing back America’s greatness if the furious left will simply give him the open door. That implies taking out dangers to American power and security that Obama permitted to develop amid his organization. Trump will require each ounce of our help to finish that!

What do you think about this? Do not hesitate and write your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

H/T Breitbart |National News Today 365

EXPOSED: Obama DESTROYED Evidence In Case Against Him – THIS IS HUGE!

Judicial Watch files lawsuit forcing the IRS to tell of the whereabouts of Lois Lerner’s emails

It has recently been reported that the IRS under former President Obama has allegedly lost important emails by Lois Lerner, the person who Obama told to go after conservative groups.

Thankfully, the conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch has been trying to get to the bottom of this abuse of power.

The IRS has for years failed to turn over Lerner’s emails to a U.S. court. It was Lerner who made the final decision of who got to be exempt from paying taxes and who wouldn’t.

Moreover, the IRS received a court directive to explain where the Lois’ emails ended up, but the statements were uncorroborated.

However, the IRS did say that they had backups of the lost emails, but, as before, when called to look and submit the emails, the IRS failed to deliver.

Now, they’re flat-out saying the emails are missing. What is it with Democrats and missing emails? The truth is evident. If a Democrat deletes an email, it’s because there’s something incriminating in it. It was true with Hillary Clinton, and it’s true with Obama’s IRS!

And now, out of all the silly excuses, they once again go around telling that they’ve lost these emails. Oh, please! This scandal is akin to Hillary’s infamous email scandal where the former Democratic candidate and Secretary of State mishandled classified information on her unsecured, illegal private email server. So, to believe that Obama’s IRS lost these emails would be foolish of us.

So, when Democrats say they’ve “lost” something which appears to be of major importance, they are basically saying they’ve made that thing lost due to the potentially incriminating information it contains.

Here’s a statement Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made as a response to a report that concluded the IRS’ handling of records has brought to records being lost and only partial IRS responses to Freedom of Information Act requests and other congressional investigations.

This new report is shocking but not surprising.  We have long battled the IRS in court over its obstruction in responding to FOIA requests about Obama era IRS abuses.  It is a scandal that the Obama IRS did not tell Judicial Watch, the courts, or Congress about the loss of government records.  Our attorneys will review this report to assess whether we should seek relief and accountability from the courts.  In the meantime, President Trump should finally fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and direct the Justice Department to reopen its criminal inquiry into the Obama IRS abuses and cover-ups.

The Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the IRS in April in order to procure some records from the Service — a suit that compelled the IRS to admit that Lerner’s emails had been lost, only to later refute themselves by saying that they have back-ups of Lois’ emails.

Click here to read the full story as reported by the official website of the Judicial Watch.

Source> Conservative Politicus

Should Congress Work To Remove Judge That Blocked Trump’s Order To Defund Sanctuary Cities?

Judge William Orrick III has made quite a name for himself these past few months.

In the appeals process a few months ago, he and his fellow Ninth District judges, in the appeals process, refused to uphold President Trump’s first travel ban executive order. Now, he has stopped the order which would allow the federal government to defund sanctuary cities, cities that are allowing the protection of fugitive illegal aliens, which has done more harm than good in our country.

On top of all of that, we have discovered that this particular judge is not making his decision on an impartial basis, as he has worked to raise money for former President Obama and donate funds to organizations that support Obama.

Now knowing his very political side, is it time for Congress to hold this judge accountable by means of an impeachment process to remove him?

Вrеаking!! Lооk Whо Just Саllеd Fоr Thе Rеmоvаl Оf Аll Trump’s Сhildrеn Frоm Thе Whitе Ноusе!!

Representative Bill Flores has called for the removal of all of President Trump’s children from White House. reported:
Rep. Bill Flores, District 17, made the remarks on Wednesday in a telephone interview with KBTX morning news anchor Noelle Bellow. The entire interview will air Thursday morning on Brazos Valley This Morning.

“I’m going out on a limb here, but I would say that I think it would be in the President’s best interest if he removed all of his children from the White House,” said Rep. Flores. “Not only Donald Trump, but Ivanka and Jared Kushner.”

Flores was responding to a question about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last summer with a Russian lawyer who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

“I do find issues with the meeting. It’s a meeting that should not have taken place,” said. Rep. Flores. “I think he thought he was looking out for his father’s best interest.”

President Donald Trump is defending his son in regards to the Russia investigation, writing on Twitter that his son was “open, transparent and innocent.”

The president is again calling the investigation the “greatest Witch Hunt in political history.”

Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning in the aftermath of his son’s defense of a meeting he had last June with a Russian lawyer. According to emails released by Trump Jr., he appeared eager to accept information from the Russian government that would have damaged Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The incident has raised questions of whether members of Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia to hurt Clinton and help Trump.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Hillary Clinton decided to do one of her campaign speeches against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn’t get started because of all the flies buzzing around her head.

Clinton demanded to know why the flies wouldn’t leave, so the farmer explained to her, “Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses.”

Hillary angrily replied, “Hey! Are you saying that I’m a horse’s ass?”

The farmer answered, “No, Ma’am. I would never call someone a horse’s ass. It’s hard to fool them flies though.

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Former Miss USA BREAKS THE INTERNET By Revealing Shocking Truth About Trump

The mainstream media is constantly trying to make President Donald Trump look like an evil person. That’s why you won’t be hearing about this story from CNN…

POLL: Does Donald Trump Deserve To Be Named ‘Person Of The Year’?

The President-elect was declared the latest winner of the annual honor on Today Wednesday morning, beating out finalists including Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and Vladmir Putin.

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