Man Who Organized Racist Charlottesville Riots Has Frightening Link To Barack Obama

Carol Newman | What about him voting for someone who is half black and half white like Barack Obama. Apparently this guy would be a horrible white supremacist. Would you say about a white supremacist that supported a black President?

So if I were to tell you that one of these so called “white is right” folks were actually an Obama supporter, you might want to know what was up with that. After all, it’s highly unlikely that a person could go from avid Obama supporter to neo-Nazi over the course of a year.

The person could be a die hard liberal and people would believe that he became a white supremacist almost immediately. Well, of course it might be easier to tell the truth. He would be a liberal plant in a pathetic effort to make whites look evil in an attempt to prove their point.

Of course, we know that liberals would never use underhanded methods to make themselves look better. However, they’re not looking too great after this news about the instigator of the recent Charlottesville riots came out. It would be bad enough if these were just well meaning but misguided whities who thought they were doing the world a favor by flaunting their ignorance but now the media has come out STRONG taking every opportunity to say that these modern day KKK members and neo-Nazi’s are basically President Trump’s best friends, despite what he has to say about it. Now it looks like the whole thing was a surgical political strike, played out before our eyes.

Jason Kessler was one of the organizers of the events. He was a Barack Obama supporter and staunch Democrat. All of the sudden, AFTER Trump’s election, he became a Neo-Nazi? This sounds rather bizarre.

What do you think about Jason Kessler? Do you believe that he is a white supremacist?

I believe he was a liberal plant who infiltrated the event in an effort to turn it violent to give the media a narrative and give the government more power over protests.

President Trump Stepped In To Protect Confederate Monuments – LOOK HOW HE STOOD UP TO ANTIFA

In just the past several days, the alt-left has erased decades of history. They’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media to hate America and everything that it stands for, which is why they’re taking an Orwellian stance on historical censorship.

Furious patriots came together in Charlottesville, in a desperate attempt to stop the radical left from destroying the Robert E. Lee monument—and while the liberal media continues to demonize them, it seems that nothing could be further from the truth.

As far as our sources show, the majority of alt-right protesters were peaceful. They were intimidating, yes, but that’s because when you’re up against Antifa thugs you have to be. The alt-right understood that if the statue of Robert E. Lee was destroyed, then no other monument would be safe.

Despite the alt-right’s peaceful protest, the far left grew extremely violent. We saw this in Berkeley, and it’s beginning to become a pattern with them. They began viciously attacking the alt-right “fascists,” with sticks, stones, and even sharpened, improvised weapons. The alt-right fought back.

In response, the media has only shown this one-sided story of the alt-right retaliating, and they’re claiming that they’re the ones who started everything. They put even more fuel on the fire, and ignited the tempers of gullible liberals all across the nation, who have now demanded that every single national monument be torn down.

The first domino in this chain of events was Durham, North Carolina, where angry Antifa thugs and liberal lunatics wrapped a rope around a monument of a confederate soldier, and tore it down. They gleefully cheered as the piece of art and historical symbol fell to the ground, and crumbled on its own weight.

We also saw this in Baltimore recently, after Mayor Catherine Pugh made a disgusting and cowardly move to secretly remove four national monuments overnight. Silence is Consentpreviously reported on this:

Catherine Pugh, the woman responsible for this eradication of our history, has a history of supporting anti-American causes and pandering to Antifa. A die-hard liberal, the mayor has frequently come under fire for being far too lenient on the black crime rampant through the city. This makes her a perfect Muslim ally.

Muslims understand that they need to “convert,” American leaders onto their side, and liberals are the dumbest and easiest politicians to convert. This is why it should come as no surprise that Pugh has decided to remove all of Baltimore’s confederate statues just 24 hours after CAIR and their Antifa allies demanded that they be torn down.

Now, after this Baltimore Mayor has surrendered to Muslim demands, we must shine a light on this vile and disgusting practice going on under our noses. Liberals and radical Muslims have formed an unholy alliance, and are hellbent on destroying every single piece of history that this great nation has created, which means it’s on us to stop them.

With Governors such as Terry McAuliffe coming out and pushing for the removal of confederate monuments, it seemed that all hope was lost—until Donald Trump stepped in. Time and time again, President Trump has shown us that he truly does care about the patriots who elected him into office…and he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks.

Donald Trump has stepped in, and refused to pander to the radical Muslims and leftists who wish to see this great country destroyed. The Daily Caller reports that he’s ordered his Interior Department to safeguard these memoirs of the past.

The Interior Department won’t be removing monuments to Confederate soldiers at national battlefields that are “an important part of our country’s history,” according to a spokesman.

“The National Park Service is committed to safeguarding these memorials while simultaneously educating visitors holistically and objectively about the actions, motivations and causes of the soldiers and states they commemorate,” spokesman Jeremy Barnum told E&E News.

National Park statements come after a woman was killed counter-protesting a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. The city voted to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

A man driving a Dodge Challenger drove into a crowd of counter protesters, killing one and injuring 19 others. That man, 20-year-old James Alex Fields, has been charged with second-degree murder.

The incident has only spurred the movement to remove Confederate monuments and rename schools, buildings and highways that had been named after Confederate politicians and generals.

While the far left does everything they can to destroy this country, the iron-willed patriots are fighting back as best they can. Conservatives understand that in order to preserve our great country, we must first preserve our culture, and our heritage.

If we cave in now to the removal of confederate monuments, it’s only a matter of time before the left pushes for more and more censorship. When you give them an inch, they take a foot. When you give them a foot, they take a mile…and it’s time to stop giving them anymore ground.

If you stand with Donald Trump in protecting our nation’s heritage, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless.
Source> Silence is Consent

Sarah Palin Breaks Silence On Lawsuit That May Bankrupt New York Times

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential elections, the Republican party is under attack. Although Republicans are only trying to protect the country, they’ve been called racist and gun nutty. Not one Republican tried to defend the party, except President Trump and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

The New York Times recently defamed Palin by connecting her with the 2011 Tucson shooting when former Representative Gabby Giffords was injured. It was expected for Palin to fight back so she decided to file a lawsuit against the newspaper.

Although we believed that the court will throw her lawsuit, the opposite happened. The editor of the New York Times editorial board was called to testify in this lawsuit.

Allen B. West reports: Bad news for the New York Times, but former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin just got some excellent news concerning her defamation lawsuit against the rag paper. The authors of the piece are being ordered to testify in court.

Palin is winning the war. It’s unusual to get a testimony in this kind of a lawsuit, but when a journalist is involved then things are different. With the testimony, her lawyers will have all the information in order to win her case.

My Right America reports: Basically, it comes down to this: if the author of the NYT editorial knew that Gabby Gifford’s shooting had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, the author is in huge legal trouble. You just can’t write things that aren’t true about people that have done nothing wrong.

So, the big question is this: how does the judge determine whether or not the author knew he was writing BS? Simple – just ask him if he reads his own paper.

The newspaper actually published a story saying that Palin isn’t responsible for Giffords’ shooting. This means that the editorialist is either guilty or just a horrible journalist.

Palin also wants $75,000 for compensatory, special and punitive damages. This is an awful day for The New York Times.

Source> Cons Nation

Poll: Majority Believes Trump’s Response To Charlottesville Hasn’t Been Strong Enough. What Do You Think?

A majority of Americans think President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., was “not strong enough,” according to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said so, as compared with just over a quarter (27 percent) who thought it was strong enough.

From what you have heard or seen about the protests and events in Charlottesville this past weekend, do you feel President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville has been ______?


Eighty percent of the poll of 1,125 Americans was conducted following the president’s controversial comments Tuesday blaming “both sides” for the violence that left one woman dead after a man drove his car into a crowd of protesters. The man was in Charlottesville for a march that included white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the KKK.

As to be expected when looking at questions of the president’s leadership, there’s a partisan split — 79 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of independents agree that Trump wasn’t strong enough, but 59 percent of Republicans believe he was.

That finding comes despite several Republican elected officials and the two past living Republican presidents taking pointedly different positions than did Trump, unequivocally denouncing these groups.

Trump’s position has shifted three times since Saturday. In a statement Saturday, he raised eyebrows by denouncing violence on “many sides” and not calling out white nationalist groups by name. Amid criticism and pressure, he made another statement two days later, naming those groups. Many criticized the president for waiting two days and believed he was not strong enough in his denunciations.

Then Tuesday, Trump took to the microphones again, and this time, he was ready to battle with the news media. In an unscripted press conference, the president dug in, defending his original statement Saturday. He said his hesitance to call out white supremacist groups was due to wanting all the “facts” first; he blamed “both sides” for the violence, including the “alt-left” (a phrase created by the alt-right); and he defended some of the marchers in the rally staged by white nationalists.


There is no equivocating from Americans as to how they feel about these groups. Americans have extremely low views of the “alt-right,” white nationalists, white supremacists and the KKK.

A majority (50 percent), though, said they mostly agree with Black Lives Matter, including a plurality of whites.

“The president’s moral equivalency is just not adding up,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

The poll also found a strong consensus across the political spectrum that the car attack should be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism — 67 percent overall said it should be. By party, 76 percent of Democrats, 63 percent of independents, 60 percent of Republicans, even 58 percent of Trump supporters agree.

Trump himself, however, declined to forcefully call it terrorism.

“The driver of the car is a disgrace to himself, his family and this country,” Trump said. “And that is, you can call it terrorism, you can call it murder, you can call it whatever you want, I would just call it as the fastest one to come up with a good verdict. That’s what I’d call it. Because there is a question. Is it murder, is it terrorism? And then you get into legal semantics. The driver of the car is a murderer and what he did was a horrible, horrible, inexcusable thing.”

Trump’s approval rating continues to hang on historically low rungs. Just 35 percent approve of the job the president is doing overall.

“The president’s response has clearly been out of step,” Miringoff said. “He’s talking to the fringe, not the majority of Americans.”

A majority also thinks race relations have worsened in the past year since Trump has been president. There’s a big divide by party on that, too. Democrats and independents think they’ve gotten worse, but most Republicans think they’re about the same.



Muslim Demands Pig Farmer Move Because They’re Building A Mosque Next Door, Farmer Has Perfect Response

The United States welcomes people of all faith. Our society encourages us to live alongside each other in tolerance and respect.

But what happens when a group refuses to show respect to their neighbors? What if newcomers want to destroy the traditions and values of long-standing Americans?

That’s when you need to stand up and prove you won’t be intimidated by anyone. Just ask these farmers.

When an Islamic group moved in next door and told Craig Baker the pigs on his family’s 200-year-old Texas farm had to go, he and his swine decided to fight back.

In protest of being asked to move, Davis began staging elaborate pig races on Friday afternoons — one of the Islamic world’s most holy days.

Craig’s neighbors, the Katy Islamic Association, have plans to build a mosque and community compound on the 11 acres they purchased alongside his farm.

Baker, 46, a stone-shop owner whose family has owned the farm for two centuries, says the association knew about the pigs when they bought the property, and it’s not fair for them to ask him to get rid of the animals…

Neighbors have been showing support for Baker’s races, even coming in the pouring rain and giving donations ranging from $100 to $1000 to sponsor the events.

Last Friday, more than 100 attended the pig races, and many say they don’t want the mosque either. Some fear it will appear out of place and hurt their property values.

This story is from a few years ago. I wonder how radical leftists would react to such an event today? Most likely they’d freak out and protest this farm. They’d fight for the rights of the Muslim group, while ignoring the rights of the 200-year old, family-owned farm.

Imagine the audacity of a group like this. They demanded that the farm be moved, simply because it offended them.

So what? America is about freedom. A family has the right to raise their pigs on the same land they’ve had for over 200 years. Just because that offends a religious group doesn’t mean they must move.

If Muslims are to get along with other Americans, they need to accept their ways of life. We don’t have to bend just to accommodate their strict rules. Yet time and again we find they demand from us what they are not willing to give.

Let this be a lesson to every intolerant American: you make us mad, we race our pigs.

Source> Conservative fighters

Trey Gowdy Drives a STAKE through Schumer’s Pride


Gowdy’s voice dripped with contempt as he put a dagger into Schumer’s inflated self-image.

For a man  so obviously filled with pride and arrogance, this could not have been easy for old Chucky.  Like most Democrats, Schumer thinks his every utterance should be treated as if it came from Pharaoh.  So when he condescendingly demanded the Republicans  replace House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes over the Trump wiretapping investigation, he thought he was saying something important.  Here’s what he said:


What’s with the French lingo? I didn’t seem to impress Trey Gowdy.  Here’s how he responded:



He also commented that he doesn’t care whether Nunes went to “the White House or Waffle House” in the conduct of his investigation.  It turns out that Nunes had to go to the White House to get a secure location within which to view classified intelligence.

Gowdy drove home the obvious point that the source or location of the information is not what’s important so much as the information itself.

He also commented that Congress is at a “strange place” if the  chairman of the intelligence committee can be criticized for updating the president on classified matters that have come to his attention.  He ended with this understated twist of the dagger:


We all know what Schumer is trying to do.  He’s employing the same tactics that have worked so brilliantly for Democrats in the pre-Trump era.  Act like you own the place and treat Republicans like dirt.  They’re beginning to realize that Trump is causing a new level of aggressiveness in Republicans.  It’s another reason why they HATE him so much.

Sorry about the hurt pride Chuck, but get used to it!

Source> LLN | FOX

George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Stuns Hollywood, Says 7 Words At UN That Shock Everyone

While her delusional husband, George Clooney, has actively spoken against our president at any venue foolish enough to give him a mic, his wife is much more level-headed.

Amal Clooney is a human rights lawyer, and the lives of those effected by ISIS are a primary concern of hers, and those she works with. She boldly took a stand last Thursday to address the U.N. on their dangerous indifference toward the terrorist group.

Often thought of as George Clooney’s beautiful “trophy wife,” Amal Clooney surprised us all by proving she, unlike her husband, actually has a working brain– and she’s using her brain for the benefit of the American people!

“Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,” said Amal Clooney to the U.N. on March 9. The formerly-silent Muslim wife of George Clooney made a passionate speech, echoing the sentiments of President Trump and We the People!

“The president-elect has said that battling ISIS is really a need,” Amal Clooney said. “So it might be that there can be advance, and clearly everybody needs to regard the result of the popularity based process here, and we need to seek after the best.”

Unlike her leftist husband, Amal Clooney has chosen to put her faith in our president, and even has an optimistic view of his stance on fighting against ISIS. Like the American people who voted Trump into office, Mrs. Clooney recognizes that Trump’s plans to annihilate ISIS are both just and NEEDED for our safety.

Amal Clooney is one of the last people we would have expected to call out the U.N. on their weaknesses, but we’re happy she did it. Here’s hoping more famous individuals break from their Hollywood ties and follow suit!

What did you think of Amal Clooney’s passionate plea to the U.N.? Please share the story on Facebook and tell us what you think because we want to hear YOUR voice!


BREAKING: Kid Rock Makes Tragic Announcement – Americans Devastated

Singer Kid Rock made headlines earlier this summer when he said that he is considering a U.S. Senate bid. However, these plans are now in jeopardy, as his well-known stage name may be ineligible to appearon a Michigan ballot.

POLL: Should Trump Cut Taxes For The Middle Class?

President Trump has promised tax cuts for the middle class, and he remains optimistic about cutting taxes across the board.

As the deadline for his tax cuts loom and his healthcare initiative failed in Congress, many conservatives are asking: will Trump follow through?

Vote in our national poll: Should President Trump lower taxes on the middle class?

Then share your thoughts in the comments below!

Trump’s administration made some strong promises for the middle class just months ago: