POLL: Should face veils be banned in the United States?

The wearing of the full face veil in public has caused controversy throughout Europe. In some countries bans are being put in place — sometimes complete and sometimes partial — with women being denied access to state offices if they insist on wearing face coverings. Here, NSS Member Des Langford considers the pro ...

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POLL: Should Congress Have Term Limits?

There is an amendment on Capitol Hill to implement term limits.  Here’s how it would work: Donald Trump pushed for an amendment to impose term limits and drain the swamp: Check out this GENIUS argument for kicking John McCain out of office: And Nancy Pelosi should have been OUT years ...

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Should Trump give illegal aliens the right to vote?

The Democrat plan has always been to give illegals voting rights to consolidate their power. Now we are finding out the dirty truth that millions of illegals have been illegally voting in American elections. That means your vote may have been cancelled out by an illegal. Democrats continue to argue for complete ...

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