Two displaced person youngsters who were put in ninth-grade classes at Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, have been captured and accused of the fierce assault of a 14-year-old young lady, and no less than one of the young men had a pending expulsion arrange from ICE.

The young men, recognized as Henry Sanchez, 18, of Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, of El Salvador, moved toward the young lady in the passage close to the exercise center inside Rockville High School amid school hours around 9 a.m. on Thursday.               [Please VOTE by tapping YES or NO below!!]

Henry Sanchez, 18, had an ICE detainer for his expulsion yet felt safe in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he went to class as a ninth-grader at Rockville High School.

Henry Sanchez, 18, had an ICE detainer for his expulsion however felt safe in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he went to class as a ninth-grader at Rockville High School.

Montano approached her for sex.

Source: truetrumpers | usa conservative report

HE’S FINISHED: What The Senate Just Found Out About Eric Holder Will Make Democrats Furious

Well, guess who’s skeletons are finally out of the closet?

Former U.S. President Barrack Obama is back under the radar.

So much for his scandal-free presidency, huh?

According to our source Liberty Writers, Barrack Obama and Eric Holder, his attorney general, were both put on blast during Wednesday public hearing. That’s right. The House Oversight Committee exposed the former U.S. president and his attorney general for smearing an investigation into the murder of an U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Brian Terry was killed as an result of Barrack Obama’s failed gun-running program known under the name Operation Fast and Furious. “[Terry’s death] happened on Dec. 14, 2010, and we still don’t have all the answers,” stated Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the committee.

Today, the House Oversight Committee released a report of almost 300 pages which reveals how Eric Holder’s Justice Department attempted to conceal the facts of Brian Terry’s death from his family and loved ones. Their report also exposed Obama for abusing his power to stop the Congress from accessing records which belonged to the operation Fast and Furious.

“More than five years after Brian’s murder, the Terry family still wonders about key details of Operation Fast and Furious,” says the report. “The Justice Department’s obstruction of Congress’s investigation contributed to the Terry family’s inability to find answers.”

The death of Terry Brian really opened the eyes of the American people and exposed the federal government for allowing criminals access to guns from American firearms shops. The strategy here, was to track every single gun sold as it was being smuggled into Mexico. However, the government failed to track more than 1400 guns out of the 2000 they managed to sold.

At the scene, where Terry was killed during a gunfight with a criminal group, two guns were found which belonged to those 1400 lost weapons. As LW further informs us, a suspect for Terry’s murder was brought into custody last month, which can result in bringing a step closer to solving the case. Watch the video below.

For more than five years, Barrack Obama and his attorney general have tried to keep this a secret. No more! Brian Terry’s family deserve to know, who is responsible for his heroic death. May he rest in peace.

What do you patriots think? Should Barrack Obama and Holder be prosecuted for their actions? Scroll down, share all of your opinions and leave a prayer for our patriot, Brian Terry, in the comment section below!

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HYPOCRITE: After Virginia Shooting, Hillary Clinton Comes Forward with SHOCKING Statement

After Republican Shooting, Liberals CHEER…This Is SICK!

News flooded in and shocked Washington D.C. and all of America that a man had opened fire on members of Congress while playing baseball.

Even more stunning were the initial reports that the suspect, before opening fire with a high-powered rifle, asked if they were Republicans or Democrats.

Rep. Steve Scalise was injured along with a congressional aide and two Capitol Hill police officers.  How should Americans respond to such violence and hatred?

It would seem obvious that this is unacceptable, but plenty of liberals thought it was a great opportunity to cheer on the shooter for his actions.

Instead of supporting a noble man attacked for representing his country, they maligned and attacked his character, insulted his positions, joked on him and said he deserved it.

Check out these horrible tweets below to see what kind of vitriol lies at the heart of liberals. From Grabien News:


What do you think about these responses? Do you have a different message for Rep. Scalise and the brave police who prevented an outright massacre? Make your voice heard.

Megyn Kelly FIRED – Future At NBC Uncertain…

Megyn Kelly has found herself in hot water this week after she interviewed Infowars host Alex Jones, a rightwing conspiracy theorist who believes that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. Since Kelly released a preview of her interview, she has faced tons of backlash and has lost advertisers like JP Morgan Chase.

Now, things have gotten even worse for Kelly, as she has now been fired from an upcoming gig hosting the Sandy Hook Promises Gala.

Daily Mail reported that Kelly was fired from her hosting duties on Monday by Sandy Hook Promises, an organization that was founded in memory of the twenty students and six teachers who were killed in the 2012 shooting. She was scheduled to host the gala on Wednesday night, and she had planned to film it to run alongside her interview with Jones. Her firing has now left her in a difficult position, as she has an enormous gap in her special that she only has a few days to fill.

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host,” said Nicole Hockley, co-Founder and Managing Director of Sandy Hook Promise. “It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview.”

Kelly herself released a lengthy statement after the firing.

“I understand and respect the decision of the event organizers but I’m of course disappointed that I won’t be there to support them on Wednesday night,” Kelly said in a statement. “I find Alex Jones’s suggestion that Sandy Hook was “a hoax” as personally revolting as every other rational person does.”

“It left me, and many other Americans, asking the very question that prompted this interview: how does Jones, who traffics in these outrageous conspiracy theories, have the respect of the president of the United States and a growing audience of millions?” she continued. “President Trump, by praising and citing him, appearing on his show, and giving him White House press credentials, has helped elevate Jones, to the alarm of many.”

“Our goal in sitting down with him was to shine a light – as journalists are supposed to do – on this influential figure, and yes – to discuss the considerable falsehoods he has promoted with near impunity,” the former Fox News host concluded.

As the backlash against Kelly continues to build, many wonder how much of it NBC will be willing to tolerate before firing Kelly themselves. Earlier this year, Fox News had no choice but to fire host Bill O’Reilly when companies began pulling their ads from his show. Though the network initially tried to stand by O’Reilly, they finally had to fire him after over 90 companies pulled their advertising from his show. Since Kelly is brand new at NBC, they likely won’t have this kind of patience with her and will choose to fire her rather than risk losing a large amount of advertising.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Newt Gingrich Risked Everything To Leak Who’s Really Behind The Shooting Today

Newt Gingrich (R-GA.) spoke on Wednesday right after the shootings about the growing trend on the left to incite violence and “hostility” after the shooting this morning at a congressional Republicans’ baseball practice. Newt didn’t hold back in this video going viral below.

“It’s part of a pattern,” Gingrich said on Fox News. “An increasing intensity of hostility on the left.”

Gingrich then ripped in harder and then said that violence and intimidation toward conservatives on colleges has gotten more and more extreme.

“Look, I talk to college students regularly,” Gingrich continued, “who say that if they are openly for Trump, they get threatened.”

“I’ve had college students tell me they get threatened with being beaten up, some of them get death threats,” he said.

Gingrich is right! Republicans are being targeted in this country.

“The intensity is very real, whether it’s a so-called comedian holding up the president’s head covered in blood, or right here in New York City, a play that shows the president being assassinated, or it’s Democratic leading national politicians using vulgarity because they can’t find any common language to talk,” Gingrich said.

We will not back down anymore. Share this if you are Republican and proud of it and tired of the liberal violence that is splattering blood across our nation.

We are one nation under God, indivisible. (h/t The Hill | Liberty Writers)

Donald Trump Gives Liberal Idiot Katy Perry BAD NEWS

No celebrity fall from grace is more saddening and disheartening than Katy Perry in the last 11 months. From vigorously campaigning for Hillary Clinton to revealing how much trauma Donald Trump caused her, you start to worry how long Perry can remain in the spotlight like this.
Nevertheless, she persisted.

On Thursday night, Perry moved into an apartment with 41 cameras to promote her new album Witness and broadcasted it live on her YouTube channel, ending with a grand finale concert in front of a select group of fans. She’s performed yoga with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, played a more grotesque version Truth or Dare with late night host James Corden, and cooked with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

However, the most revealing part of her weekend was when she broadcasted a therapy session with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, star of The Therapist, on Friday morning. What’s most troubling about the way Perry talked about herself is that she seemed to have reached a breaking point, particularly when mentioning why she cut off her hair.
“I didn’t want to look like Katy Perry anymore,” Perry tearfully said. While the beginning of her hour-long therapy session seemed staged to a degree, there were moments where you could tell she was being sincere and that she’s a real person with real problems.

Perry admitted that she abused alcohol and had suicidal thoughts. She even referenced them in her 2013 song “By the Grace of God.”

“I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and that depressed,” Perry said.
Perry said in the beginning of the session that she had been in therapy for five years, which is good because the toll that the election has taken on her seems to have pushed her further over the edge.

Despite the fact that her album just came out and she’s scheduled to go on tour in the fall, it’s not too late to take a break away from the spotlight, Katy. And maybe it’s best to avoid politics for awhile too.
Watch her therapy session below:

Source> conservativefighters.com

Right After Scalise Shooting, Trump Got On Camera And Said The UNTHINKABLE

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s horrible shooting, President Trump has called for all Americans to come together as a united country. The heinous attack took place at a practice for the annual congressional baseball game in Alexandria, VA, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), a congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and two Capitol Police Officers.

President Trump delivered his somber yet inspiring statement in the White House’s Diplomatic Room.

“We may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember everyone who serves in our nation’s capital is here because, above all, they love our country. We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace and we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good.”

President Trump continued by praising the Capitol Police and first responders for their “heroic actions” against the gunman.

“Melania and I are grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims.”.

Our Commander-In-Chief finished by confirming that two of the injured and incredibly brave officers had shot the gunman – James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill – who eventually succumbed to his injuries and died.

President Trump’s message is exactly what this country needs in the wake of any and all senseless violence. It is more important than ever for American citizens to stand unified as a country during such tumultuous times. Unfortunately, not everyone can recognize how important our President’s words are in this moment.

It is up to US – the true patriots – to SHARE President Trump’s words of peace and unity. Tell the world that if you stand with President Trump, you stand for FREEDOM!


sources: thehill.com | libertywriters.com

Texas Just Royally ENRAGED Every Muslim In Their State With What They’re Forcing Each One To Do Today

Freedom Daily reports

The United States has long been known as the land of promise. The entire world knows us as being the place where you go if you want to make good, you go to America, that’s almost universally known. So why would someone want to come to the United States and change anything? If they immigrate here for a better life, it doesn’t make sense that they would want to change it to look and feel like the place that they’re leaving.

That, however, is the right that many want to keep when they come to the United States. The deluge of Middle Easterners isn’t slowing down, and they’re bringing their backward ways of living with them. So do we let them keep their “culture” (i.e. rampant disrespect for human life and other people’s rights) or do we make them assimilate?

Texas lawmakers know the answer to that question, without question. Texans don’t mess around when it comes to foreigners screwing with our fair state.

Via Conservative Daily Post:

“Of every issue that people suffer in Muslim societies, Sharia law is definitely the worst of all, given the fact that it contains a series of rules that are quite disturbing. For example, Sharia law commands that drinkers should be whipped, allows husbands to hit their wives, allows the physical law of retaliation, commands the execution of gay people and apostates, and worst of all, it allows child marriage.

Although these elements should be more than enough to be strongly condemned by everyone, Western liberals have been blindfolded by their own ideology and haven’t been capable of making any critiques about this sickening issue. In fact, there are many Western nations ruled by liberal politicians, who have shown their willingness to accept Sharia law in the name of multiculturalism.

While it seems possible that some states of America could eventually accept this Islamic law, Texas just achieved a major victory in the battle and assured the privilege of not being one of these.

In a historical victory against Jihad, state legislators in the Lone Star State passed a version of the American Law for American Courts (ALAC) bill on Monday, banning the implementation of Sharia law in Texas for good. This way, the second largest state in America won’t be governed by the Islamic religious code, which represents a really important triumph, considering that honor killings were starting to become common in Texas.

Fortunately, both houses of the state legislature voted for the Texas Foreign Law Procedural Protection Act, also known as HB 45. With this achievement, the bill now heads to the governor’s desk for a signature, and the danger of being ruled by Sharia law is almost extinguished.

… according to the non-profit organization Clarion Project, there are more than 80 radical mosques in America, meaning that the possibilities of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil are considerably high.

While the ALAC legislation ended up banning Sharia law, Muslim activists opposed it in the two last sessions, which culminated in a big protest on the steps of the state capitol building. Sadly, representatives from the terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) assured everyone they were above the American law since they are practicing Muslims.

— Cathie Adams (@cathieadams) 11 de mayo de 2017
Furthermore, protesters claimed that the House and Senate bill proposals would hinder the First Amendment rights and freedoms of Muslims, and admitted that the primary goal of their efforts was to defend Sharia law.

In addition to the terrorist attacks, the most complicated issue about Islamic extremism is the liberals’ unwillingness to recognize the problems within this religion and the nations where it is dominant. As usual, when the facts are not on their side, they consistently try to divert attention by calling people racist or Islamophobe if they try and speak the truth.

In a world where many people won’t accept the reality of one of the biggest threats in its history, is essential to take actions in order to prevent major damage. Fortunately, even though some details need to be taken care of, Texas just pointed the path Western civilization must follow.”

Source> www.tacticalshit.com


Reporter Asks Denzel Washington About Obama – Gets Response He NEVER Expected…

In the liberal world of Hollywood, Barack Obama is still worshipped by the masses. That’s why a reporter recently was stunned when he asked Hollywood A-lister Denzel Washington about the president, and got a response he was never expecting…

Conservative Tribune reported that just after last year’s election, a liberal reporter cornered Washington to ask him who he voted for. He was expecting Washington to give him the usual anti-Donald Trump liberal talking points, but that’s not what happened at all.

“Just wondering who you wound up supporting in the election and why?”journalist Nicholas Ballasy demanded on the red carpet for Washington’s movie “Fences.”

Washington tried to divert the question back to the movie, but when Ballasy continued to press him, he silenced him with a blunt answer.

“None of your business!” he stated emphatically.

After fumbling a bit, Ballasy pressed on and asked Washington about Obama specifically.

“Right now, under President Obama, over the last eight years, in your mind… have race relations improved under his leadership?” he asked.

Most actors would have taken this opportunity to lavish Obama with praise, but not Washington.

“Race relationships have to do with race relationships,” Washington fired back, making it clear that he doesn’t think Obama has anything to do with this. “You’re white, or whatever you are, and I’m black, or whatever I am — we’re standing here talking now. That’s how we get things done.”

“You can’t legislate love. The president of the United States can’t legislate us into liking each other,” he elaborated. “We have to step forward and ask questions about each other and engage. There’s no law that says, oh because I’m president, you all gotta get along now. So it’s up to us.”

We’re glad to see that Washington refused to submit to the liberal agenda and be just another Hollywood sheep. What do you think about what he had to say? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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