POLL: Should Muslim Refugees be required to get immunizations?

ANCIENT PLAGUE SPREADS THROUGH MINNESOTA COMMUNITY AS MUSLIM REFUGEES REFUSE VACCINE Liberals demand that non-Muslim children be forced to take vaccinations. They seek to destroy any personal religious liberty of Christians, Quakers, or any non-Islam group. However these groups do not have history of widespread disease.  But tell a Muslim ...

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The Supreme Court Blindsides Obama With Devastating News

The mainstream media seems to be determined to make Donald Trump look bad at all costs. According to reports, two independent journalists have uncovered secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) classified documents just filed at the end of April that prove former President Barack Obama had the National Security Agency ...

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Sessions To Reverse Obama Police Policy

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions just did something to support cops Obama never did. And Black Lives Matter is trembling in their boots. This past year saw the highest number of law enforcement fatalities in five years. 21 cops were ambushed, shot and killed. According to Jonathan Thompson, Executive Director ...

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