Creepy Rosie O’Donnell sends threatening, stalker-like tweet to Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Rosie O’Donnell forgot to take her meds again. The “tolerant liberal” and self-proclaimed feminist threatened Sarah Huckabee Sanders after the White House press secretary discussed how Hillary Clinton’s camp colluded with Ukraine to rig the 2016 election and smear members of the Trump campaign. O’Donnell made the stalkersque threat in a barely-coherent tweet, where she ...

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Sebastian Gorka casts himself as Trump’s ‘pitbull’

White House national security aide Sebastian Gorka referred to himself as President Trump’s “pitbull” late Friday after a week of combative interviews with mainstream media outlets. Fox News host Sean Hannity praised Gorka for taking on the “destroy-Trump media” during his show, asking the aide, “Why did you decide to do it?” “Sooner ...

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