Steyer: Maybe We Can Have a ‘Nuclear War’ to Provide a ‘Real Course Correction’ to Trump

Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer said perhaps there could be a “nuclear war” that would provide a “real course correction” to Donald Trump’s presidency during an interview published by Rolling Stone.

Steyer, who launched a national impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump last year, spoke with the liberal magazine about his efforts, which have been opposed by leading Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

Interviewer Tim Dickinson pointed out Pelosi’s strategy of opposing impeachment of President George W. Bush, to take the issue off the table in 2006. Democrats took back both chambers of Congress in an electoral rout that year.

“She pointed to how she dealt with George W. Bush – whom many wanted to impeach,” Dickinson said. “She believes the decision to take impeachment off the table helped Democrats take the House in 2006, and paved a path to Obama and a deeper correction.”

“I remember 2006,” Steyer said. “What happened is that George W. Bush, he put us in two disastrous wars and we were headed toward the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression. So if the answer is that we need those three things to happen for a course correction, I’d prefer to move a little quicker. How about that? But I take your point. Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction.”

Dickinson responded that was a “sobering” thought, and Steyer replied he would take back the “nuclear war” comment.

“We’re trying to do what’s right,” he said. “And 2006/2008 did not happen because George W. Bush didn’t get impeached, is what I’m saying. I should be a little bit more tempered: I take back that remark about nuclear war. The correction happened because the United States got screwed, and American citizens lost their houses and American citizens lost their lives – and, by the way, there was a terrible climate-related crisis, New Orleans, that the president fumbled.

Trump & Melania Pick Up Phone and What Happens Next is a True Christmas MIRACLE

President Trump and his family are staying at Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach, Florida this Christmas. While on holiday, they decided they wanted to do something extra to spread some Christmas cheer.

Trump and Melania decided to talk to children around the country who were calling the NORAD hotline to speak to Santa.

President Trump talked to six children and Melania talked to nine from the living room of a Mar-a-Lago suite before heading off to their family dinner.

“What would you like more than anything? Building blocks, that’s what I’ve always liked, too. I always loved building blocks … well I predict Santa will bring you building blocks, so many you won’t be able to use them all.”

One child who called the hotline asked Santa for his grandmother to get out of the hospital for Christmas.

“So you want your grandma to get out of the hospital? That’s what your wish is? That’s great. That’s better than asking for some toy or something, that’s much better, right? So your grandma’s gonna be good, OK, she’s gonna be good.”

The children were calling via the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) which sets up the hotline every year and also created the “Santa tracker” which lets kids all over the world track the progress of Santa delivering presents overnight.

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Source> US Truth Wire

Whoa! Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Forced To Pay Millions, Gets Thrown Out Of Sanctuary State

Under President Trump, America is changing. Liberal traditions are finally being overturned. We are ending decades of shameful policy.

You can see it across government. Trump’s influence is driving out the rats. Corrupt politicians have no place to go. If you are a swamp dweller, your time is up.

This is happening in the most unlikely of places. The pro-life crowd has just scored a major victory. Two companies have been fined millions. And they are being booted out of California.

Thought that couldn’t happen? Think again.

From NOQ Report:

Well, thanks in part to the Center for Medical Progress two bioscience companies now have to pay up to the DA’s office of Orange County, California, and no longer do business in the state.  At least we try to bring dignity to these children that were never given a chance to live…

Two bioscience companies have reached a $7.785-million settlement with the Orange County district attorney’s office over allegations that they illegally sold fetal tissue to companies around the world, prosecutors said Friday.

According to the settlement signed Monday, DV Biologics LLC and sister company DaVinci Biosciences LLC, both based in Yorba Linda, must cease all operations in California within 60 to 120 days. The agreement also requires the companies to admit liability for violations of state and federal laws prohibiting the sale or purchase of fetal tissue for research purposes, prosecutors said.

Millions of Americans hate abortion. The practice is evil, out-of-date, and barbaric. Yet liberals protect it. They claim it is the right of woman to kill her child. Planned Parenthood lobbies for it. That’s because they make millions selling aborted baby parts.

At least two companies who profited from abortion are facing the music. $7.7 million is no chump change. But the other punishment is more fitting. They will no longer be allowed to practice in California. That’s significant.

California is the liberal poster child. They embrace every ridiculous progressive idea. For this to happen in CA is huge.

Pro-life supporters are hopeful. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for abortion. Momentum is growing. Soon we might see the end of Roe V. Wade.

Source: NOQ Report |PJ

After Learning Congress Is EXEMPT From Obamacare, Mike Pence Issues Ultimate Threat…

Vice President Mike Pence is fed-up with Obamacare — and he’s threatening to take away Congress’ special healthcare, giving them all a taste of how destructive the “Affordable Care Act” really is.

On Wednesday, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Pence was asked specifically about how Congress is exempt from the Obamacare.

Carlson asked, “Why should Members of Congress and their staffs have a better deal, not subject to the same rules as everybody else is?”

The Vice President Mike Pence responded with this:

“That’s pretty typical of Washington, isn’t it? You, more often than not, see one set of rules for the American people and another set of rules for the political class here in our nation’s capital. but as we move forward, the point is that whether the president makes a decision, it would be his decision whether to rescind that special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs.


Congress needs to step up. Congress needs to do their job,” Pence said at a meeting with business and conservative leaders at his office to discuss ways to encourage Republican holdouts to vote in favor of beginning debate. “Every [Republican] member of the United States Senate should vote to begin the debate to rescue the American people from the disastrous policy of Obamacare.”

Republicans are aiming to vote on beginning debate next week on legislation that would repeal portions of Obamacare, though it isn’t clear whether the final bill will offer provisions that would replace its healthcare provisions or whether they will vote for another bill that would give them two years to craft a replacement plan. Pence and President Trump have voiced support for both bills at various times.

Pence said that the Trump administration intends to keep its promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Watch the interview here:


Records Show Exactly How Many Immigrants Made It Into The Country Under Obama – And The Number Is STAGGERING

No one can ever say that Donald Trump is soft on immigration, but the same cannot be said for his predecessor. According to DHS reports, former President Barack Obama granted permanency for over 9 MILLION immigrants, and that’s not even counting how many illegals were able to slip in.

From Conservative Post:

New data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows that former President Barack Obama granted permanent lawful residence to nearly nine million migrants. That isn’t counting the migrants who have found shelter in the country illegally, thanks to Obama’s soft stance on immigration.

The numbers are stark evidence that Obama consciously encouraged mass migration to the United States. It’s hard to dispute that immigrants are woven deeply into America’s fabric — the U.S. is a nation of settlers — but who they are and how many there are does matter.

DHS’s data shows that nearly nine million legal immigrants came to the United States under the Obama administration. This is a number nearly equal to the number of unemployed American citizens, Breitbart noted.

Additionally, Obama’s final year in office saw near record numbers of green cards issued.

Obama’s annual inflow fell short of only those of President George H.W. Bush, whose administration saw the windfall of the 1986 Reagan amnesty plan that granted some 5.38 million green cards to foreigners. An average of 1.29 million immigrants per year gained legal status under Bush, compared to 1.05 million per year under Obama.

According to the report, roughly 1.2 million migrants obtained lawful permanent residence in the country in 2016. This number doesn’t account for the roughly 400,000 illegal immigrants who were caught at the border and sent back — and the unknown amount of others who actually made it into the country.

While these numbers are truly shocking, it’s nice to know that our current leader is working to undo these kinds of trends, and keep America for Americans.


The Dems Have Already Chosen Their 2020 Candidate, And Trump is OVERJOYED!

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller is “basically” the Democrats’ nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

From Breitbart:

“It seems like Mueller’s basically the Democrat candidate for president,” Watters said. “He’s the only person that can stop Donald Trump’s reelection. And the Democrats are putting all their eggs in the Mueller basket and if he clears everybody else after this, they have nothing.”

The Fox News host also took aim at Democrats for defending Mueller’s investigation in light of allegations that some investigators on Mueller’s team displayed anti-Trump biases.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with criticizing the Mueller investigation if something’s wrong,” he said. “Evidence of blatant anti-Trump bias by investigators isn’t justification for questioning the probe? You kidding me?”

Watters stated on his own show last Saturday that the anti-Trump texts between Peter Strzok and another agent could be the sign of a “coup” within Mueller’s investigation to remove Trump from office.

This would be amazing for President Trump, because he will have NO PROBLEM beating Mueller if he became the nominee in 2020. If this news turns out to be true, then we are almost guaranteed a two-term run for Donald Trump.


Barack Obama is FINISHED After Jeff Sessions Makes a Major Announcement

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding a letter issued by the Obama administration that deals with how local courts penalize defendants.

From Conservative Post:

Arguing it was an act of federal overreach, the White House’s top prosecutor is repealing an Obama-era Justice Department letter that called on chief judges and court administrators in every state to refrain from giving poor defendants expensive fees and fines, according to The Washington Post.

Sessions, in a prepared statement, explained he was doing away with “the long-standing abuse of issuing rules by simply publishing a letter or posting a web page.”

Western Journalism reported that Sessions repealed an Obama-era Justice Department letter that called on chief judges and court administrators in every state to refrain from giving poor defendants expensive fees and fines. In doing so, Sessions argued that the letter was an act of federal overreach.

Sessions explained he was doing away with “the long-standing abuse of issuing rules by simply publishing a letter or posting a web page.

Congress has provided for a regulatory process in statute, and we are going to follow it,” Sessions stated. “This is good government and prevents confusing the public with improper and wrong advice.

Sent in March of last year, the Obama administration’s letter was meant to curb law enforcement from issuing fines to citizens as a means of generating revenue. The letter, which was sent to court administrators and chief judges in every state, noted that illegal collection of fees and fines had been receiving a lot of attention, and that the Justice Department had a “strong interest” in ensuring citizens’ rights were protected.

This could be major news, and a massive blow to Obama, who has continued to stick his nose into public policy, even since leaving the White House a year ago. It’s time that he pays for 8 years of misery that we all had to suffer through. Sessions is on the same page, and it looks like there could finally be some justice.


Another MASSIVE Blow To The Clinton Family Was Just Announced – The Downward Spiral Continues!

First she lost the election, and then they shut down the Clinton Foundation…and the hits just keep coming for Hillary, Bill, and the entire Clinton clan.

From Conservative Post:

Eaglevale Partners, the hedge fund co-founded by Marc Mezvinsky, the son-in-law of Hillary and Bill Clinton, closed in December, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Eaglevale, based in New York, is in the process of returning money to clients, said the person who asked not to be named because the firm is private.

Eaglevale was started by former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. traders Bennett Grau, Mark Mallon and Mezvinsky in 2011. They had previously worked together on the bank’s global macro proprietary-trading desk. A spokesman for Eaglevale declined to comment on the news, which was reported earlier by Hedge Fund Alert.

It looks like the Clintons are not going to be able to continue to profit from selling-out America to our enemies! It’s about time!


Trump Just Dismantled Welfare Overnight With MAJOR Change No Other President In History Has Done Before

Across the country, there have been unprecedented accounts of welfare fraud that has been costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars. While hardworking Americans have been doing their best to make ends meet to provide for their families, thousands of others have been working harder to cheat the system. Now, after years of this constant abuse, President Trump is ready to tackle welfare fraud in a move that has never been seen previously.  

In recent months, authorities have been cracking down on welfare fraud across the country, and the results are staggering.

For instance, in Grand Rapids, Michigan a Muslim food stamp crime ring was busted that was run by three brothers. Emad Khalil Karaein, Jawad Khalil-Ahmad Karaein, and Khader Khalil Karaein ran a Middle Eastern Market where they operated their crime ring. The brothers were discovered to have cost the American taxpayer $736,000 from EBT and $544,000 from WIC over the course of nine years. Thankfully, the brothers were caught and were sentenced to prison for their disgusting deeds, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

As more welfare fraud is discovered on a daily basis, President Trump is ready to stop it once and for all with this MASSIVE change that will have liberals screeching in horror.

The welfare program was intended for people who fall on hard times get back on their feet with a little bit of help. However, that plan morphed into families staying on welfare assistance instead of looking for work, and why wouldn’t they?

Most welfare recipients can not only get cash assistance but also food stamps, housing subsidies, utilities paid for and medical insurance. The welfare is often so good that it pays more than a regular job which is why many welfare recipients stay on the program then get back to work.

“The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work.  Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” which offers extra subsidies to low-income workers who take work.  In 13 states [welfare] pays more than $15 per hour.”

With all that considered, Trump is making moves for Congress to tackle welfare as well as tax reform across the board and already there have been positive strides. When Barack Obama was in office, he rolled back the Bill Clinton era initiative that required able-bodied individuals to work in exchange for food stamps. Once Trump was sworn in as president he revived that much-needed stipulation and already there has been a considerable drop in food stamp participation.

Alabama reported an 85 percent drop in people enrolling for food stamps and other states reported similar findings.

Louder with Crowder reported:

Similar changes were implemented in select counties in Georgia and by the end of the first three months, the number of adults receiving benefits in three participating counties dropped 58 percent, according to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation.

In October 2014, LePage announced that able-bodied adults would have to find work, spend 20 hours per week in a work program, or perform community service for six hours a week. Food stamp participation declined 14.5 percent from 235,771 in January 2014 to 201,557 in January 2015, according to the state.

20 hours per week in a work program is light work. Six hours of community service per week is less than an hour a day. Hardly taxing. Incidentally, taxes are the revenue source of these handouts. Asking people to work for money which was taken from people who work for money seems the fairest route to go. If we’re going to continue stealing from people who work to give to others who prefer to perfect their yoga corpse pose. Namaste here, thanks.

Yes, we’re talking about “able-bodied” adults. Back off with your “BUT THEY’RE VICTIMS!” awareness ribbon campaign. Most of these people are victims of rampant laziness. Or severe cases of I’d Rather Not-itis.

Kansas saw a 75 percent decline after implementing work requirements in 2013. In addition, nearly 60 percent of former beneficiaries found employment within 12 months and their incomes rose by an average of 127 percent per year, according to the Foundation for Government Accountability.

Well, imagine that.

If people are forced to get off their bums and look for work to eat, they will do it, but that is not what the left wants.

You see the left is all about creating a nanny state where they take care of everyone and have complete control under the guise of “compassion.”

The more people that they can force into being victims is better for their goal of the new world order, and Trump has disrupted their plans. By Trump getting elected and overturning the Obama era socialist goals for America the left is raging mad and won’t stop till they get what they want. Just because Trump has won this round does not mean they won’t come back again to finish what they started which is why we must stay vigilant.


H/T [Tea Party]

Trump Just Released Embarrassing Vids Of Obama’s Muslim Friends That He Never Wanted Seen – It’s About To Go Down!

In the past truth used to be an admirable quality, but as the years go by things seem to be changing. Today, telling the truth is avoided since political correctness appeared in society.

More and more people fear speaking openly against radical Islam because they fear they might be accused of being a racist. To make things even worse, countries are considering of making it a hate crime if you openly speak about Muslims.

Jail time is  the price to pay of anyone who’s found guilty. This has already been happening in the US for quite some time now and even social media censors such materials on a regular basis.

President Trump however, unlike the left, is an advocate for speaking the truth regardless if that might be considered offensive to  some people. His mission is to expose the alarming dangerous of the radical Islam.

Europe has become a cesspool of violent crimes because of the enormous inflation of Muslim refugees over the past few years. With the rise of the terrorist attacks the threat of Sharia Law becoming the law of the land is a real possibility in Europe. Muslim refugees attack and rape women on the streets, sexually molest children and animals since the borders got opened.

Bearing all this in mind, the President is aware of the danger of censoring the truth about Islam and its radical followers. And since these things are happening in Europe it’s only a matter of time before they shift overseas to the US.

By painting the Islamic violent religion as one of peace and love, the left is doing their best to cover the evidence of it’s danger.

The left went into a meltdown when President Trump retweeted  videos on his twitter account that feature Muslim refugees committing hateful crimes in Europe. Labour  MP’s in Britain are claiming that President Trump is just “spreading hate” about the Muslim religion.

But, if they really committed these crimes than is it “spreading hate”?

Here is some more information from Daily Mail:

US President Donald Trump was ‘wrong’ to share anti-Muslim videos posted by a far-right UK group, Downing Street said today.

Ministers today faced demands to cancel Mr. Trump’s state visit as MPs insisted he was ‘not welcome here’ following the Twitter posts. 

The storm over the posts – first shared by Britain First’s deputy leader – deepened as the widow of murdered MP Jo Cox accused him of ‘spreading hatred’.

The furious backlash came after the 71-year-old President retweeted content posted by Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, from Penge in South East London.

Labour politician Mrs. Cox was stabbed and shot outside her constituency office in Birstall, West Yorkshire, in June 2016 by a man who shouted ‘Britain First’.

The absurd attitude of these far-left idiots in Europe is sickening. calling out these felonies committed by Muslims are to a certain extend dangerous and cause hate by themselves to anyone with a sound mind.

If they were done lets say, by a white Christian male, they’d be spread all over the news. But, since they’re done by a Muslim the whole thing is swept under the rug. Only the victims of these attacks can say whether they are hateful acts or not. Not the other way around.

The President surely wouldn’t retweet false videos. But instead the truth about Islam and how alarming it is to stop the disease from spreading further.

Europe can continue burying its head in the sand like an ostrich if it wants to, but that by no means, means that our conservative  America has to do the same.