Nunes Just Unveiled Secret Investigation He’s Been Running — Obama is Freaking Out!

California Republican Representative Devin Nunes just broke some news that has many Obama era officials scrambling: he is opening up his own investigation into alleged corruption during the former administration, and is going after anyone who may have knowingly attempted to interfere with the Trump campaign during last year’s election.

The first order of business for Nunes’ investigatory team will be to subpoena the FBI officials connected with the now-proven false Trump dossier, including Bruce Ohr, who is believed to have personally met with the co-founder of Fusion GPS. They also plan to make use of testimonies from former acting attorney general Sally Yates, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, among others, to build their case and prove the allegations of corruption they believe to have taken place throughout our nation’s capital, according to Politico .

One of the most critical things that they are hoping to uncover is whether or not the Obama administration used this dossier to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign, an investigation that resulted in a wiretap at Trump Tower and a possible feeding of inside information directly to the Clinton campaign.

If proven to be true, it could reveal a whole new and previously unforeseen layer of corruption within the Obama administration that most people were unaware of. This investigation also adds a new dimension to the depth of Obama’s crookedness, with the announcement coming hot on the heels of the startling revelation that the former President had looked the other way on Hezbollah’s alleged drug and gun smuggling rings, allowing notorious criminals to get away in the hopes that it would somehow lead to better relations with the rogue state of Iran.

“I hate to use the word corrupt, but they’ve become at least so dirty that who’s watching the watchmen? Who’s investigating these people?” Nunes told Fox News. “There is no one.” Well, it looks like now there finally is, and we can only hope that they will do their job and root out those rotten apples in Washington so that we can truly begin to drain the swamp of the corrupt elitists that have dwelled within it for decades.


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