Rex Tillerson Drops A Bombshell On John McCain – He is DONE!

I can openly say that John McCain is noone’s favorite, and Americans are now confident that this man never acomplished anything beneficial to the country. McCain was a part of so many controversies, and we don’t really know the reason why he is continues to be active in the political world. He does not spare any words when it comes to bashing the President, and it looks like the worst is yet to arrive. Nevertheless, Rex Tillerson made a decision to take things into his own hands.

The entire thing began when McCain attempted to persuade Americans into believing that Tillerson does harm on people, requesting him to stop. He even cited the mystical “oppression policies,” and it was time that Tillerson does something about it. We think that McCain never saw coming that Tillerson would do or say something like this.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, John,” stated Tillerson, and you have to acknowledge, McCain earned those words. Do you recall what he claimed about Tillerson?

“Tillerson has sent a message to oppressed people everywhere, ‘Don’t look to the United States for hope,’” said one of McCain’s pieces. Based on him, America ought to help people all over the world, and let its people live miserably. McCain only has sympathy for those outside our country. Well, perhaps he is just trying to attract someone’s attention.

The President chose Rex Tillerson for a reason, and we highly support his suggestions of the new team. McCain also has motives for writing all the rubbish about the President and his policy. However, Americans don’t agree with his judgment.

It’s no surprise that McCain attempts to move forward with his agenda. We all realize that he is in fact a liberal that lives among Republicans.

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Source> Conservative Patriot

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