New Proposal Takes Care of Border Wall Funding By Punishing Sanctuary Cities

There is a new brilliant proposal by Alabama Senator Luther Strange that could make the funding of Trump’s border wall fast and easy.

It’s simple – make sanctuary cities like California pay for them for refusing to comply for Federal law. 

California is well known for its vocal stance on illegal immigrants, and has gone out of its way to make them feel welcome.

Not only that, but they’ve encouraged illegal aliens to settle in California, and one of the ways they’ve accomplished this is by welfare handouts and other benefits.

Shockingly, the city of Los Angeles alone has given $1.3 BILLION dollars to illegal aliens in welfare and other handouts over just the past two years.

California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, has been quite clear that he is willing to violate federal law in order to cater to illegals, which is not only a criminal act, it’s an egregious affront to both taxpaying American citizens and Americans who are struggling or homeless.

Rather than use the money to help homeless Americans, the left would much prefer to use it in order to entice more illegal aliens to flood into California.

Why, you might ask?

Well, it’s because illegals will vote for Democrats every single time, and the Democratic Party is well aware of this fact; essentially, they’re just buying themselves more votes.

Watch the video:

H/T – PatriotBeat


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  1. You idiots. We shouldn’t even have sanctioned cities. to protect the illegal criminals. When Americans commit a crime they go to prison..We don’t have to protect and support criminals. The wall needs to be built because the people coming in will never simulate with America. You want to help true immigrants and regugees. Take in the starving Nigerians and Syrian Christians that are being prsecuted ans beheaded. ,Not people that don’t appreciate nothing ,always demanding. If they have to expect us to change our lives for them they can go back where they came from

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