POLL : Should Clint Eastwood Apologize To Muslims About ” American Sniper ” ?

According to the Conservative Tribune, an angry Muslim group (I thought they were ALL angry) wants both Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper to ‘speak out’ against the film they created, American Sniper.

Supposedly, Anti-Muslim comments that have been made by Americans in connection with it, says the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee- and it’s putting them in ‘danger’.

“ADC takes these threats seriously and is reaching out to you in an effort to help reduce the hateful rhetoric. It is our opinion that you could play a significant role in assisting us in alleviating the danger we are facing,” the group wrote in an open letter to Eastwood and Cooper.

“I am asking if you are willing to make a statement against the violent rhetoric being exhibited,” the letter continued. “The statement should make it clear that we cannot tolerate hate and bigotry here in America.”

Yea, well, I am asking you to not kill a bunch of Americans on 9/11. I am asking you not to have jihad training camps on American soil. I am asking you not behead people. Just saying. Maybe Obama tolerates your B.S., but I call it like I see it. Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Source: http://usalifebuzz.com

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27 thoughts on “POLL : Should Clint Eastwood Apologize To Muslims About ” American Sniper ” ?”

  1. Mr Eastwood has no reason to apologize, they can all go back where they came from..this is our country, an if they can’t asimulate into our laws, then leave an take your Sharia law with you..


  3. Why should he, lets face it everything he said about them is TRUE,I’m not sorry for them there maybe a few(VERY FEW) that are good people ,but from what I’ve seen & heard these people need to get our of America. They have shouted loud if we do not except there Islam they will kill all of us.That statement should warrent kicking them back where they come from & not later (NOW). they are capable of anything they are all insane period,recently a muslim man poured gasoline on a new born baby girl (REASON) he wanted a boy,if that is not insanity I would like to know what is. The longer they are here the danger increases for everyone. GO TRUMP GO.

  4. They cut people’s heads off and they are concerned about a sniper? Give me a break. With a sniper, you’re hit and gone and do not suffer. Cutting off someone’s head is another thing completely.

  5. I am fed up with liberals being concerned about the sensitivities of the
    Muslims. We are sensitive to their barbaric law of killing
    Jews and Christians. Americans are sensitive to their acts
    of kidnapping women, rapeing them and auctioning them
    as slaves. We are sick of the mass murders of Christians
    and the burning of churches.
    We are sick of liberals casting Muslims as peaceful citizens.
    Five hundred million Muslims state that their goal is to
    eliminate Americans and convert the world to Islam. They
    admit that four hundred thousand Africans are in slavery
    in the Middle East. They through the teachings of Mohammad
    consider black people being less than human.
    Read the books of Mohammad. Do the research. These
    peaceful Islam worshippers will become violent if the
    Muslims become the majority. The few peaceful Muslims
    in our country do not object to our laws. They do not
    support terrorism. They do not treat their women as slaves.

    1. If you want moderation with my message then you make
      the changes necessary to suit the liberal taste.
      The Muslim sensitivities are no concern of mine.
      As a Vet, this is my story and I am sticking to it.

  6. what the hell do we owe them an apology for about anything they need to be over here kissing her ass and Thanking us for letting them be here in the United States.. All they do is rape our women and try to continue their barbaric lies they’re against our laws they disrespect us all the time and raise hell when they can’t get their way we don’t owe them shit they don’t like it go home haha they don’t have one because of their idiotic ways killing it each other and tearing everything up

  7. HELL NO! Why would we give a shyt if every one of you Muslims got wasted? You all follow sharia and will attack us when you think the time is right to be able to conquer Us. If your all that worried then go back to what ever part of the desert you came from. I think you should all self deport anyway.

  8. Hell No we owe no one apology for anything if any one does not like the United States then they can leave and not let the door hit them in the Ass on their way out.

  9. Muslims are getting way out of hand with their demand. They need to be deported along with the liberal judges. Do bot apologize to them for anything. Maybe they will leave AMERICA!!!

  10. Virginia Howard,,you are so right ,,Obama spent way to much time running around the world apologizing for our country,,and telling us NOT TO BE PROUD ,of our America,,Lol and that was our president ? How can anyone ever think he was a president,,,? The American people are smarter than that ,,most of them anyway !!!

  11. No. Muslims need to stop complaining. If they don’t like America then leave now. So sick of their whining, they are just like the Dems.

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