JUST IN: New Evidence Surfaces In Hillary Clinton’s Case And It’s BIG!

Last year’s election had a lot of scandals but the most controversial one was the DNC leak scandal.

It seems like there is some recent news coming about this scandal.One unknown IT expert who is known by the name The Forensicator issued a report that is likely refuting the whole story of the DNC being hacked by Russian hackers.

From WikiLeaks:

The files were copied on July 5th, just five days before Seth Rick, an official at the DNC, was murdered under mysterious circumstances. The bottom line here is that it was an inside job all along, and Russia had nothing to do with it.

The Hacker Kim Dot Com said that he collaborated with an agent called Panda about leaking the emails. He also says that hacker Panda gave him valuable info about the DNC, voter fraud and some other problems that the party does not want to talk about so much.

He also said that he was affiliated with Seth Rich, with the alias Panda and that the two collaborated with Seth being tasked to get the DNC files. Misfortune ensued as Seth was soon discovered dead, presumably murdered, under mysterious circumstances. This is a pretty obvious scenario.

One report coming from the ”Forensicator” exposes many other details that put the pieces to the whole puzzle together and confirms the information can not possibly have come from anywhere else but within the facility in which it was being kept.

The whole point is that Gordian Know is being untangled before us. This is not confirmed yet, but it gives a clear indication that the Democrats plotted to kill Seth Rich for exposing damaging info.

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Source> Clear Politics

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