JUST IN! Massive Scandal ROCKS Democratic Leadership – THEY ARE HISTORY

Ever since President Donald Trump took office, the liberal mainstream media has been blasting the public with information that President Trump is connected to Russia and that with their help he became the President.

However, The Daily Caller News Foundation is nothing like this, as they revealed a terrible scandal connected to the Democrats.

It looks like, some Democrat congressional staffers took around $100,000 from an Iraqi politician at the time when they had access to the computer network of the House of Representatives on an administrator level.

The Pakistani brothers, Imran, Abid, and Jamal Awan is the famous trio that worked for some Democrats of the House connected with intelligence, foreign affairs, and homeland security committees. They used their positions that gave them access to some congressional emails and other classified data.

Maria Bartimono had something to say about this:

They the Muslims were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives on Thursday because they accessed Congressmen and Congress people’s computer networks unauthorized. At a minimum, they were fired. At a minimum, we know that they accessed computers unauthorized and they did so in foreign intelligence, foreign affairs, and intelligence committees.

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  1. How were they even allowed to be in that position without a secret clearance. Especially since they were not born in theU.S. Who ever hired them needs to be charged for allowing foreign or to access computer systems that carry classified or confidential data. Someone needs to go to jail for a long time.

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