2 Million Illegals Panicking After Trump Makes CRUSHING Immigration Announcement

President Trump has made no secret of his intention to end the free flow of illegal immigration into this country.

But many assumed he wouldn’t go after those who qualify for special status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA is an executive order signed by Obama back in 2012 that provides protection from deportation and a work permit for two years to any illegals who entered the country as minors and are currently enrolled in school.

USA Today reports that over 2 MILLION illegals fall under this category.

But despite being sympathetic toward their circumstances, the Trump White House isn’t making any promises when it comes to DACA migrants who, after all, are still illegals.

The reality is that DACA is legally problematic, a fact that didn’t bother Obama all that much.

But Trump isn’t going to provide political or legal cover for such a scheme, warned Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly in a meeting with congressional leaders.

The Washington Post reported:

Kelly declined to take questions after the meeting, but his spokesman said the secretary told the lawmakers that the Obama-era program, which shields immigrants brought to the United States as children, is at risk.

“This is what he’s being told by different attorneys, that if it goes to court it might not survive,” DHS spokesman David Lapan said. If Congress does not pass a bill to protect the program, he added, “they’re leaving it in the hands of the courts to make a decision.”

It’s a near certainty that DACA will soon go to court after 11 states threatened to sue the federal government if it doesn’t rescind Obama’s executive order by Sept. 5.

DACA is a major drain on the resources of these states, and it is, naturally, be exploited by those looking to enter this country illegally.

Source: http://freedomlibertynews.com

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  1. Why is it people here in the US & other Countries think that its okay to come here illegally? I welcome people from other countries to come here legally as long as they have something to contribute to sustain themselves & not depend on us the hard working class to house feed & give them money. We are not in any position to take in anymore people to this country untill every American has a job our economy picks up. We the American people connot take care of the world. When is this government going to help the rest of us get better wages & live better? I am not selfishly saying this but all illigals of all ages needs to be sent back unless they are taking care of themselves & not taking some kind of welfare. I believe that if uou don’t work you don’t eat. So tired of people think they are untitled to other peoples money. Taking money that I worked for away from my family to give to someone else does not set well with me. Giving to the needy was the job of our Churchs & non profits to help them that are truly in need. I happily give money from my heart to help.

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