POLL: Is it too easy for people on welfare to cheat the system?


The welfare system is not a perfect system. In fact, a utopian state would exclude the need for such a social assistance program.  But, in the U.S., welfare exists so that people with true needs that can gain some benefits.  Consequently, when we hear of someone defrauding the system, our moral meters begin to rise. It’s no wonder that a recent case is making Americans livid.


Keashia Latriese Davis decided she would help herself to others funds. This welfare cheat defrauded welfare checks from others in a 3-state excursion. Some might call her ambitious. Others tend to call it despicable.

Davis committed her cheat of the food stamp system through identity theft. She merely re-directed funds meant for others by using names on a Zillow real estate website. Surprised she didn’t go the normal lib route of using headstones.

According to Arkansas Online:

“Yes sir, I’m guilty.” Davis response to Judge D. Price Jr. Marshall.

The judge had asked Davis if she truly wanted to plead guilty instead of having her day in court. Her guilty plea was for 17 counts of wire fraud.

At least Davis was willing to spare the taxpayers court cost and time. Where was her moral code in regards to welfare theft?


In an eleven moth time frame of 2015-2016, Davis bilked monies totalling 262,691 dollars out of welfare.

  • Texas…$56,185
  • Utah…unknown at this time
  • Lousiana…$69,506

Davis could face up to 20 years in prison. Assuming the judge does his job and gives the full measure of justice.

“There’s a long ways between zero and 20 years, it’s my decision.” states Judge Marshall.

This woman may deserve some time-off for admitting her guilt. But if she is given leniency, she needs to be financially held accountable to repay the money.

Do you feel Davis is worthy of leniency or not?

Source> LLN

POLL: Is it too easy for people on welfare to cheat the system?

POLL: Is it too easy for people on welfare to cheat the system?

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  1. Make all these Democrats disappear to make 90% of the people very happy.

  2. For those that can work we need jobs and they need to go to work if we have to create jobs there’s plenty of manual labor jobs that are needed all across America and they need to earn what they’re getting if they are able to work.

  3. Probably 9 out of 10 people on Welfare don’t deserve to be there. You see them every day doing what the rest of us do except they get free money….money they don’t deserve and don’t work a day for it. I’m tired of my tax money supporting a bunch of lazy people who should get off their butts and get a job. I have no problem with the elderly or disabled drawing support but the majority are neither one and still get our money each month.

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