POLL: Do you think Ben Carson will succeed in Re-Inventing HUD?


Liberals depend upon voters that they can count on. To get them means offering these people everything under the sun to buy their votes.

 Perhaps even the sun.  Welfare should be only a lifeline for people that truly need help. The problem is welfare is a bottomless pit for many that are able  but refuse to work or learn skills.  It can be seen in the inner cities and communities where recipients simply loiter. Liberals love these vestiges of society, because it means they get the votes.  But Ben Carson is doing something about this culture of “give me.” Chosen by President Trump to lead HUD, Carson is making waves – Waves that slam every liberal right in the face.
Makes you smile doesn’t it?  Carson’s first job is shake up Housing and Urban Development to be more effective. The huge agency of red tape is being streamlined, one regulation at a time.

What is Carson doing?

Dr Ben Carson announced that HUD will take on new priorities. That agency led an era of corruption and ineffectiveness under Obama. Now Carson is “renovating” how the agency works.

Per Politico about Carson’s announcement in regards to Section 3.

“It’s been largely ignored because people say we don’t have local people who know how to weld or have plumbing skills,” Carson said.

“That is true. However, we do have a brain, which means we have the ability to think ahead. We know well more than a year ahead of time when we’re going to start a major project. Why not go in and train people in that area at that time so they’re ready?”

“We’re moving away from the concept of just housing people to the concept of developing people,” Carson said.

Mr Carson is compassionate about people. He knows that simply giving them money with no effort to earn it is demoralizing in the long run.

SLoth breeds sloth. Carson is teaching people how to make a living. Welfare is a disease in the end road. To be rid of it from someone’s life is showing real care and compassion.

Liberals refuse to see that because it means they have to eventually find real jobs.

And their numbers shrink as working people vote for those that truly serve them.

Your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “POLL: Do you think Ben Carson will succeed in Re-Inventing HUD?”

  1. The Democratic Party stands for UNLIMITED CORRUPTION and is on the way to becoming EXTINCT under the Leadership of Pelosi, Schumer, Adam Schiff , Perez and the like ! Unless the present leadership is overthrown

    ,there is NO HOPE for the DEMOCRATS !

    1. Ben Carson you are special and can change lazy around to prosperous while President Trump and Trumpets and Family give us jobs and history that the Liberals took away to make us dirndle to be under their thumbscrews.
      God Bless Ben Carson and President Trump and Trumpets and Family

  2. Yes if we let him! He is a genius who grew up in the hood and knows what is needed there. I love that man and and with Trump behind him I have every confidence that he will do what needs to be done to make it safer and better! LOVE YOU DR CARSON!

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