HOT POLL: Obama Is The Worst President In U.S. History. Do You Agree?

Now that Obama is no longer president, we can fully evaluate the legacy of the man that many contend is the worst president ever.

When it comes to deciding on the worst presidents in history, a few men stand out. Some, like President James Buchanan, were bad for what they did not do, but Obama, and the other contenders for the worst president of all time, are considered terrible for what they did do.

Obama attempted to be the most progressive president in American history and only succeeded in proving to Americans that “progressiveness” is a landfill of bad ideas. Obama made decisions on the basis of optics and not effectiveness, and, as such, he appointed unqualified people. However, is he truly the worst president ever?

Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are probably Obama’s toughest competition in the battle for the worst president in history.

President Wilson orchestrated the largest encroachment (at the time) of the federal government into the free market. He nationalized the telegraph, railroads, and distribution of coal. Wilson also oversaw the creation of  the income tax and the Federal Reserve.

Further, he was a known racist — so labor and race riots were frequent during his time in office. Corporate and individual tax-rates skyrocketed to pay for the new welfare state, and many businesses collapsed. This ultimately lead to the great depression, one of the lowest points in American history. (via National Interest)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is another top choice for worst of all time. While Wilson created the income tax, FDR raised it to the highest level ever. The top income tax rate hit a staggering 90 percent under FDR, and even that was too low for the welfare king. He hoped to raise the highest income tax to 99.5 percent.

Roosevelt was not only disastrous for the economy. He also attempted to pack the Supreme Court with Democrat judges. He is the only president to ever serve three terms, which forced Congress to write the two-term tradition into law. He was a despot more than a president.

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However, even the worst moments of FDR and Wilson do not compare to the failures of Obama. Obama is particularly terrible because his election victory was heralded with great optimism. He was supposed to be a new kind of president ushering in hope and change. Ultimately, Obama was just an extreme version of the corrupt politicians with whom we are much too accustomed.

Obama hated freedom and the White House was the least transparent ever under his command. Obama targeted whistleblowers and used the law to limit press freedoms. He oversaw the creation of the largest spy network in world history, where every American citizen is being monitored 24 hours a day. The rights enshrined in the constitution were an afterthought to Obama. As if this weren’t bad enough, the federal government became more powerful than ever under Obama despite the intentions of the founding fathers. (via New York Times)

Obama also failed to manage the U.S. economy. He did not prosecute a single corporate executive after the 2008 financial crisis. Also, our debt almost doubled under Obama. We were a staggering $10 trillion in debt when he took office, yet Obama still managed to add another $9 trillion for future taxpayers to struggle under. Income inequality is at its highest point ever, and racial harmony is at an all time low, at least since the civil rights era.

While Wilson and FDR were bad for some of their policies, Obama not only failed as a policy maker, but he was corrupt to the core. He oversaw the creation of the most corrupt federal government ever. Some academics have even started to call this period the beginning of the collapse of the West, comparing world events to the fall of the Roman Empire. Obama was such a bad president that he may be responsible for the end of Western civilization. It’s just disgusting that 2000 years of the advancement of human rights and prosperity may have been forever destroyed by the failures of one man.

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14 thoughts on “HOT POLL: Obama Is The Worst President In U.S. History. Do You Agree?”

  1. Will he even be considered a President after all the truth comes out? Thought a foreigner could not become President of the USA.

  2. He needs to be put in front of a firing squad or a public hanging for the things he has done to America & Americans!!

  3. He not only is the worst president he was the most racist president and spent more time driving a wedge between all the people of this great nation

  4. The worst is the worst President in the USA ,,,,,he was racist ,,he did not really like America ,,,,,,or the American people

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