Michigan Citizens Gave Unpleasant Surprise to 103,000 Entitled Muslims

The real citizens of Michigan had enough. Today led by one individual, they decided that it is time to make America great again with one brave move.

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“The nature of the Islamic religion does not allow Muslims to assimilate into Western culture — they want to dominate it since everything America stands for is counter to their beliefs. Michigan has systematically been forced to bow down to Islam under the pressure of our previous president who herded thousands of refugees into their state and allowed one town, in particular, to become unrecognizable as an American city — Dearborn — which looks more like the Middle East with its predominately Muslim population of approximately 103,000, according to WXYZ.

Muslims’ plan is world domination as that’s what their holy book preached for them to achieve. Key to that plan is the implementation of Sharia Law which they try to slowly establish under the radar here in America, without anyone realizing it before it’s too late. Wise to their disguise is Michigan Representative Michele Hoitenga who isn’t taking a backseat to political correctness and just got proactive about stopping Muslims in their tracks with a nasty surprise she just slapped them with.

With a new president in charge, states are starting to feel empowered to take assertive action against Islam in America, as was seen this week by what Hoitenga who just proposed a bill to ban Sharia Law.

“Michigan residents would be banned from using other countries’ laws in court under a bill proposed by Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, according to an email obtained by MLive.

In an email sent to state lawmakers seeking co-sponsors on Monday, Hoitenga said her bill doesn’t specifically mention Sharia Law, but wrote that it would include the religious law association with Islam.

“If you have not heard by now, a doctor in Detroit is being charged with operating an underground clinic that actively engaged in genital mutilation on young girls, essentially practicing a fundamentalist version of Sharia Law,” Hoitenga wrote in the email.”

Hoitega’s timing couldn’t have been more important as she saw first-hand the horrific results of Islam and Sharia Law in her own state last week when a female doctor was arrested for what she had been doing to Michigan girls who were not Muslim. Federal prosecutors accused 44-year-old Muslim Dr. Jumana Nagarwala of performing female genital mutilation on unsuspecting little girls in her Detroit-area E.R.

As expected, Hoitega faces an uphill battle with this bill in getting it past state Democrats who must not see a problem in disturbing crimes like Dr. Nagarwala’s who was forcing the sickest part of her religion on little girls. Hoitega wants to prevent more of this from being acceptable by law, which shouldn’t be up for debate since it’s completely contradictory to the U.S. Constitution, which liberals love to ignore.

Had this been a measure to prevent any other religion from gaining dominance over people, Democrats would be demanding that it pass and wreaking havoc on city streets if they were denied.”

America’s eyes are opened from the moment that President Donald took the office. We will fight together with him for taking back our country. The wall must be added and border control must be increased. Please share this report on facebook and comment about it! We want to hear your voice!

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5 thoughts on “Michigan Citizens Gave Unpleasant Surprise to 103,000 Entitled Muslims”

  1. Michele Hoitenga, I wil pray for you and all in & around Dearborn who want to stop the “radicsls”. God is in control snd He wants His people to make America great again! Encourage your people and arm them if necessary. We are up against a Satanic force. But God is more powerful and we knowit!! God bless you!

  2. Muslims do not assimilate to American customs and culture. They really need to go home where they can PRACTISE their own barbaric acts.

  3. WE don’t need them here and don’t want any of those muslins and all the other trash that’s here in our country. Put tem on a big barge and send back to the desert or from where ever they came from. they are scum. garbage, and pigs the lot of them.

  4. I live in the UP of MI and please keep up what you have started. Once they get a foot in the door they are so embolden and there will be no stopping them, I agree that they will never become citizens as my grandparents did. They were from England and Germany. My German grandparents started a small bakery that lasted for 4 generations. They had 7 children and never allowed German to be spoken as they were Americans and should obey the laws of the country. These Muslims will never do that I am afraid. God Bless you in your endeavor.

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