POLL: Do you agree with Texas as they prepare to end Sharia Law?

Texas has passed laws that mean “foreign laws” will never be recognized in Texas courts. The Bill is specifically aimed at regressive and oppressive laws like those that are in Shariah; the barbaric and divisive set of laws that operate in Islam. While the Bill is still awaiting the Governor’s signature to come into effect, it is worth considering if this should be rolled out nationwide.

Sharia is based on the ancient Hadiths which were written after the death of Mohammed. They set out all of the things that a Muslim is and is not allowed to do. Courts in the US are already operating under these laws in Muslim communities, and they shouldn’t be. they are in direct opposition to the law of the land and they are a major blow to equality and the rights of women. Some examples include:

  • A women’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s. If a woman is raped (which does no exist between husband and wife under Sharia) or beaten by a man, she needs at least one other witness to testify for her to make her testimony valid.
  • A woman’s inheritance will be half that of a male family member.
  • A man is allowed to beat his wife.
  • Children can be married off to anyone the male family member sees fit (this is why there are so many child brides with very old men).
  • The woman is “owned” by the male family members and she has no say in her future.

This is Sharia, and this is why it should never have a place in American society. It is wrong and it destroys the equality that has been so hard-won.

Texas has taken a huge step in ensuring that barbaric and oppressive legislation based on Islamic Sharia Law will NEVER become part of US statute. The ALAC Bill (American Law for American Courts) has passed through both Houses with very little opposition, and now needs the Governor’s signature to become law.

The bill frames all foreign laws as unconstitutional, but it was designed and presented as a way to stop traditional Islamic laws from becoming part of the Texas law book. Muslim organisations like CAIR have been trying to incorporate aspects of Sharia into the American legal system which of course, has been almost unopposed by Democrat law makers.

For the last 10 years, minority groups have had the law of the land applied too laxly due to “cultural considerations”, but it is really the thin end of the wedge. Islamic scripture states that good Muslims should live by Sharia Law…But it is not compatible with freedoms enjoyed in the US.

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According to Conservative Daily Post:

     “Of every issue that people suffer in Muslim societies, Sharia law is definitely the worst of all, given the fact that it contains a series of rules that are quite disturbing. For example, Sharia law commands that drinkers should be whipped, allows husbands to hit their wives, allows the physical law of retaliation, commands the execution of gay people and apostates, and worst of all, it allows child marriage.

In a historical victory against Jihad, state legislators in the Lone Star State passed a version of the American Law for American Courts (ALAC) bill on Monday, banning the implementation of Sharia law in Texas for good. This way, the second largest state in America won’t be governed by the Islamic religious code, which represents a really important triumph, considering that honor killings were starting to become common in Texas.

While the ALAC legislation ended up banning Sharia law, Muslim activists opposed it in the two last sessions, which culminated in a big protest on the steps of the state capitol building. Sadly, representatives from the terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) assured everyone they were above the American law since they are practicing Muslims.

In addition to the terrorist attacks, the most complicated issue about Islamic extremism is the liberals’ unwillingness to recognize the problems within this religion and the nations where it is dominant. As usual, when the facts are not on their side, they consistently try to divert attention by calling people racist or Islamophobe if they try and speak the truth.

Now, I do want to address the fact that America has no problems with them restricting themselves beyond what our laws require. If you’d like to cover your entire body except for your eyes, be our guest. If you think that you shouldn’t eat or drink certain things because they’re unclean, you go for it. You’ll probably be healthier than we are.

The problem lies in the liberties being taken outside of what our laws allow. Things like; beating women who aren’t covered in a bed sheet, marrying 5-year-olds, throwing acid at people. These are the kinds of things banned in our culture that Sharia Law allows. That would not be ok with us.

You come to America, you obey our laws. End of story.

H/T: Lady Liberty’s News


15 thoughts on “POLL: Do you agree with Texas as they prepare to end Sharia Law?”


  2. Please just send they asses backto the desert, that’s exactly were they belong not in our USA. They are all scumbags and pigs.

    IT.>>>>>>> E. V. E. R. B. E ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. What’s do damn hard to understand that sharia is illegal in the U.S.A. ?there is only one set of law in the U.S. and it is governed by OUR Constitution. sharia is apposed to the constitution and thus illegal. It was made illegal in 1952 and remains so. Sharia cannot be enforced in the U.S. simple as that. If sharia is allowed to be enforceable in the u.s. What’s to stop any other whack nut freak making his own religious sect and his own laws for others to be forced to Follow? Sharia cannot stand in our nation. End of story. What we need is the state to enforce national law. Arrest those trying impose some freakaziod law on society and jail them or deport them. Period!

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