POLL: Do you support Congress’ Action to take away Obama’s pension?

A bill by  Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is seeking to remove pension rights from former presidents who earn more than $400,000 per year, has just one more hurdle before it becomes law, and that is to get Presidential approval. Many would think that this should not be a major issue, after all, how many former presidents don’t make over $400,000 after they leave office? But this is not the first time this bill has come forward.

The last time this bill was guided through the Houses by Chaffetz in cooperation with Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst it received a unanimous vote, but when it landed on President Barack Obama’s desk, he vetoed it.

Obama has been earning millions in speaking fees since leaving office and is worth and estimated $46 million; he does not need his pension, and would probably not even notice its disappearance. Obama has built up this false legacy of being a man of the people; he created an aura around him that spoke of his care for the poorest in society, and of course his regret that there are people struggling financially. If he really cared, wouldn’t he happily give up his pension?

We could give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest that he was thinking about future presidents who may need their pensions, but if that were the case, why not give up his own as a gesture?

The blatant hypocrisy of these socialist liberal leaders is getting old and disgusting, just like they are.

First, you have Comrade Sanders, who recently purchased his third house, all while bashing the rich in this country and blaming their “greed,” and not people’s laziness, for poverty in America.

Now, Barry Hussein Obama is another hypocritical socialist on America’s chopping block.

 Congress could soon throw a monkey-wrench into Barack Obama’s retirement finances, yanking his presidential pension since he is reportedly cashing in with six-figure speaking fees.

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 Former presidents currently receive $207,800 per year, the same amount cabinet secretaries are paid.

But lawmakers are considering a move to shrink that payment – dollar for dollar – for Oval Office retirees who collect more than $400,000 in income.

Last year Obama vetoed a bill that did just that.

The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,’ Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz told USA Today. ‘His veto was very self-serving.’

Chaffetz and Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst plan to reintroduce the legislation soon.

The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight committee, Elijah Cummings, likely won’t stand in their way.

‘Cummings definitely supports the concept, and if we can work out the technical issues with the bill that arose late in the last Congress, we expect he would strongly support it again,’ his spokeswoman Jennifer Hoffman Werner said.

President Donald Trump has said he will not accept a salary during his time in office. It’s unclear whether he could collect a pension after his tenure comes to an end.

Obama is collecting $400,000 per speech. And he and former first lady Michelle Obama have reportedly signed a two-book publishing contract worth $65 million.

This hypocritical failure thinks that after he is done partying on yachts with the very billionaires he publicly demonizes, he can continue to leech off of our taxpayer dollars, all while milking capitalism of all the wonders it has to offer. This man is a fool, and Americans see right through him.

Enough is enough. It is time for people like Barry to be put in their place. He is lucky he hasn’t been charged with treason (yet) for all he did to bring America to her knees while posing (badly) as the ruler of the free world.

Let’s get rid of his pension.

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26 thoughts on “POLL: Do you support Congress’ Action to take away Obama’s pension?”

  1. I agree that the pension should be taken away from all presidents who are making over 400,000 a year already. I also believe that after two years of living office they should no longer receive Security paid for by the government .

  2. to be fair not just him but all past Presidents and senators and congressmen. they have enough money without taking ours. and why didn’t they have to get obamacare like the rest of the us did?????????????????

  3. Will the members of congress make their pension payments less also? An issue like this pales in comparison to quality health care for all Americans, tax reform, infrastructure improvements, immigration, and a balanced budget.

  4. I don’t feel the man did his job as President, they flaunted extravagant vacation , extravagant even gowns couldn’t leave a golf game or a birthday party when he had citizens dying and being killed in the country he is suppose to be leading and protecting , just to name a few of major flaws believe the barrel is running over with negence , so no , no pension

  5. He needs to REPAY all the money he stole from us for their elaborate vacations & property they accumulated over the 8 years he did his best to destroy our country.

  6. Yes take the pension, he doesn’t deserve it, he hates AMERICA. they fore he should be deported from AMERICA to never return, and if he or she or any of the family returns, PUT THEM ALL IN GITMO.

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