KARMA: Hours After Screaming at Sarah Huckabee, This Reporter Got The WORST News of His Life

During the Press Briefing yesterday, White House reporter Brian Karem screamed at Sarah Huckabee, blaming her for America’s distrust of mainstream media. He defended all of the reporters, saying they are all honest and doing their job.

She had a great response, pointing out all of the LIES and FAKE NEWS that have been spread by CNN and others. Now this morning, Fox and Friends EXPOSED this reporter’s worst nightmare and proved Sarah Huckabee was 100% correct. (Video Below)

The Fox hosts mocked this reporter and showed him the FACTS. The Media Research Center released a study last night, seemingly in response to this reporter, showing the number of minutes spent on “Trump-Russia probe” vs. other stories. The numbers are STAGGERING and it shows EXACTLY why Americans don’t trust mainstream media.

Source: http://www.libertyonenews.com

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