URGENT POLL: Trump Nixes Ramadan Celebration At White House. Do You Support?

President Trump has broken the tradition of celebrating the end of Ramadan with a party at the White House that was started under Bill Clinton and has taken place every year since. It has been a large event each year to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr; but what many fail to realise is that this “White House tradition” was began at the request of the now infamous Huma Abedin.

And while the origins of something should never prejudice where something is in the present (or of course we would still be blaming Democrats for slavery), it is worth examining why we continue “traditions”.

The US is not a Muslim nation, and as such has no special obligation to either honor or celebrate a foreign festival, it doesn’t matter the ties of history or how prevalent one group is..It is not a recognized American festival.

Do the media get angry that the White House doesn’t celebrate April 27th? The Dutch King’s Birthday? The shared history of Holland and America is great, and the contribution of the Dutch throughout history is huge…But we see no reason to celebrate it.

In a statement, Trump said:

“On behalf of the American people, Melania and I send our warm greetings to Muslims as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr.”  “During this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion, and goodwill.” “With Muslims around the world, the United States renews our commitment to honor these values.”

Isn’t this enough? Why are the MSM getting indignant on behalf of Muslims who for the large part don’t actually care if the White House celebrates or not. The few trouble makers in groups like CAIR will see anything as a snub. But most Muslims would see no reason whatsoever why the White House should be observing Ramadan.

What do you think. Let us know by taking our poll and leaving your comments down below.

URGENT POLL: Trump Nixes Ramadan Celebration At White House. Do You Support?

URGENT POLL: Trump Nixes Ramadan Celebration At White House. Do You Support?

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  1. This cult, ideology, or whatever it is, has no place in America, including Ramadan!!!!

  2. Why is it that Muslims get up set over this issue, what’s funny is that when this Nation took the National Day of Prayer out of the Whitehouse nobody got that up set over that. On top of that we have allowed our government to remove the Ten Commandments form a Federal Building’s, taken praying out of our schools, sporting events and even our Military. Then we wonder why God is removing His blessings.
    It’s time to get on our knees and pray that God will forgive us and our Politicians would wake up and work together for good of America.

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