POLL: Do You Favor Letting the Police Use More Aggressive Tactics Against Rioters?

When the right to peaceful assembly is denied, we can rightly describe the situation as totalitarian. But when it is Leftist Antifa stopping people assembling, why do the MSM call it positive activism? The destruction of Free Speech is at the heart of the Leftist movement, because when Conservative voices speak, they make sense and have proper arguments…And they can never allow the people to escape the “Liberal brainwash”.

During the May Day celebrations in Portland, the Communist group of Antifa applied for and were given permission to march, as were conservatives who came out wanting to support Donald Trump. Almost predictably, the Antifa group decided that they were allowed freedoms but that Conservatives were not. They began rioting.

Arrests were made and incidents included throwing Molotov cocktails at he police, burning police vehicles and smashing up the street, also violent assaults took place.

How is it possible in modern day America, that people are freely attacked by fascists posing as Antifa? The police are doing a difficult job but they are constrained by codes of conduct that limit their actions to, at worst, trying to move violent and angry people into spaces away from the public.

Many of the violent thugs are fully paid to be agitating and rioting, it’s their day job. They wear the black masks to cover their faces because otherwise we would see them all over the country and make the connection. Police should be allowed to arrest any protestor who refuses to show their face, only then can we seperate the people who believe in a cause from the paid agitators.

Antifa is nothing but a group of cowardly terrorists. They attack innocent men, women and children. They have no moral conscience and lay claim to being activists with a cause.

Their only “cause” is to disrupt peaceful assembly and utilize bullying tactics. If they are capable of reading, maybe they will see this piece for the scum they are. But again that is hoping much.


The communists are allowed their freedom to assemble and march on “MayDay.” They received permits to show their solidarity. However, Trump supporters came out to show their support of the President.

This did not set well with members of Antifa. They came out in hordes to attack the conservatives. before long the left-wing faction created a riot.

The police responded and were subsequently attacked by the riot whiners. The hooligans (being nice here) hurled Molotov-cocktails and other objects at officers. Buildings were set on fire and police vehicles vandalized.

The police were able to arrest 25 people.


Via Portland Police Bureau:

On Monday May 1, 2017, 25 people were arrested after a permitted May Day rally and march devolved into a riot after dozens of suspects committed numerous criminal acts including disorderly conduct, riot, arson, criminal mischief (vandalism), theft, and assault.

Prior to the permitted march beginning, officers took possession of numerous sticks, poles, and homemade shields from participants arriving at Shemanski Park in Southwest Portland.

Early in the march, which was scheduled to travel through Downtown Portland and return to Shemanksi Park, rocks and projectiles were being launched at police officers and paramedics, including a full Pepsi can that struck a Portland Fire & Rescue paramedic assigned to assist the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team (RRT).

Shortly after that, the situation devolved into a full-scale riot with random acts of vandalism to Downtown businesses, cars, and public and private property. Various fires were set in the street and in garbage cans, a police car was spray-painted and vandalized, and there were attempts to set at least one business on fire. Numerous projectiles were thrown at or launched at police and firefighters including rocks, bottles, ball bearings, fireworks, smoke bombs, and road flares.

Police Bureau Command announced that the permit for the march was being revoked and encouraged all law-abiding participants to leave Downtown Portland.

Criminal suspects were running all over Downtown Portland making it challenging for officers to effect arrests but eventually police were able to capture large groups of criminal suspects and make arrests in the area of Southwest 5th Avenue, Jefferson to Madison Streets. During the riot, there were limited deployments of less lethal munitions by police.

What follows are the tweets put out by Portland police.

If you do not need to come to Downtown Portland, please stay away. is now considered a riot.

Anarchists have destroyed a police car, damaging numerous windows & property, starting fires, attacking police.

[Please VOTE by tapping YES or NO below!!]

Three people arrested near Pioneer Square.

 If you do not need to come to Downtown Portland, please stay away. is now considered a riot.

Incendiary devices thrown at police by anarchists have included fireworks, smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails.

Anarchists committing acts of violence/property damage during march. Permitted group encouraged to separate from them.

Rocks, lead balls and full cans of @pepsi being launched at police. Officers will be donning personal protective equipment.

Rocks, lead balls and full cans of @pepsi being launched at police. Officers will be donning personal protective equipment.

.@pepsi Paint, glass bottles, incendiary devices observed and being used by protesters during march.


Antifa is just a lower form of ISIS. Harsh words? They only stop short of actually killing people they disagree with. But their tactics are nothing short of cowardly.

The 1st Amendment allows for peaceful assembly. But the members of Antifa and similar thug groups seek to deny Constitutional rights of others.

It is time for legislation to be enacted that imprisons anyone that associates with Antifa. They are the real fascists. Their very strategy is Hitleresque.

H/T: Lady Liberty news

5 thoughts on “POLL: Do You Favor Letting the Police Use More Aggressive Tactics Against Rioters?”

  1. Police need to do whatever it takes to stop the rioting! If they cannot stop it call out the Nationak Guard to help out! Call the fire depth. And turn all the water hoses on them they will scatter!!

  2. We didn’t see Republicans become lawbreakers and use violent behavior during Barack Obama’s term even when they disagreed with him. Liberals somehow Have never grown up yet and act like violent spoiled brats! Who on earth would ever want them as our Leaders in America?? The

  3. Yes let them do what they feel they should to stop them,arrest them all, they look like a bunch of THUGS,they like what they are doing,someone has to put a stop to them.

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