POLL: Should Trump Ban Muslim Veils In America?

Trump has already pledged to keep Americans safe by banning travel from countries with radical Islamic terror.

Now another major country, Norway, is banning Muslim veils in schools, as they make it hard to educate young women (read more below).

Do you think Trump should put an end to this practice? Should America allow Muslims to wear hijabs and niqabs?

Vote in our national poll below, learn more about what Norway is doing to stop it in their country, and let us know your opinion in the comments!

Source: http://patriotjournal.com

POLL: Should Trump Ban Muslim Veils In America?

Should Trump Ban Muslim Veils In America?

Thank you for the vote!

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  2. Does anyone remember this old saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do ? Well, when in America, do as the Americans do! We do NOT cover our faces unless we are crooks and liars!


    No faces covered!

  4. You don’t know who’s behind those veils especially when they wear the long black outfits. It could be male or female. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

  5. He Absolutely should. Hell when i go to license branch when taking my photo im not allowed to smile, cant wear glasses, WTH and they hide their faces. DONT EVER ask this STUPID QUESTION AGAIN.

  6. Yes ;they think every one should have their belief s. This is America where have our own belief but we don’t think every One has to agree

  7. The thing is you do not really know who is under that GARB,maybe its a woman or it could be a man,who can tell. My idea for deporting is to ask them one QUESTION (DO YOU BELIEVE IN SHARIA LAW) if they say yes deport them,then & there.No messing around these people are here to kill Christians & Jews & anyone who does not believe in Sharia Law,we are all in danger.Obama should be deported also he created this mess.

  8. They will never be Americans. They make all about them. Deport them all.

  9. Americans don’t hide behind a mask. This is NOT our custom. Many I’ve noticed are men dressed as a woman hiding their body and face. I want them to return to their native homeland. They are nothing but trouble.

  10. Johnny Lee Stonecipher

    AMEN,Freedom,let freedom ring.Let them know that they have Rights in this country.

  11. Yes it is not compatible with our society and our life

  12. Yes if they want Sara law they need to return to their country

  13. This our country our laws . We are in there
    Country , we be governed by there laws. They
    Do not like it , move back to there country .
    There here to take over our country. 👎😡😝

  14. Ban muslims period

  15. Anyone who votes no is a complete idiot.

  16. They need to go back to their own damn country if they need to wear face veils.

  17. Yes they should be banned! Isis men have been
    known to dress in womem’s clothing and women are now strapping bombs on under that type of clothing.

  18. If you don’t want to act American , look and live like Americans. Get out, Go where you will be at home.

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