POLL: Do you agree that American Jobs are MORE IMPORTANT than the Climate Change Agreement?

Right After Trump Pulled Out Of Paris Accords, He Announced Something UNBELIEVABLE – American jobs are more important.

President Trump is as much a fan of the environment as anyone. He desires that succeeding generations can enjoy God’s creation as well as anyone.

But he is not going to sacrifice American positioning or economy on something that is not proven. That something being Climate Change that many consider to be nothing but mere weather.

During his campaign for president, Mr. Trump promised to not allow the climate change argument affect jobs in this country. He fulfilled that promise by removing this country from the Paris Climate Accords.

Now of course nations around the globe are frantic by this positioning by a major player. But Trump isn’t going to allow US jobs to be put on the cutting block of geo-politics.

Trump has left room for getting back to the bargaining table of Climate Change negotiations. But…and a big but…not if America suffers at the expense.

The President is not one to worry about public opinion. Considering that America is not going to sacrifice 80% of coal jobs to foreign interests, along with over a third of Iron and Steel jobs as well.

If we were to stay in the accords, not only does America pay a huge toll in business, but countries like China sees nothing happen for over 10 years. That means the USA pays for other countries pockets with us losing jobs. Not going to happen.     [Please VOTE by tapping YES or NO below!!]

Of course people are crying that Trump doesn’t care. He cares! The man cares for the well-being for this nation first.

But you know how liberals get. They cry and sing the song of doom for the globe because of our lack of care.

Interesting that the so-called Climate Change holocaust being predicted is being called out more and more. Oh, for example the so-called high-speed melting of the ice cap? Seems that temps there are lower than they have been in years.


President Trump is holding true to his call for America first. When this country would sacrifice so much and the rest of the world does not…and we benefit nothing? Why would we part of the masked liberal agenda? Makes no sense…of course that was how Obama thought through things.

It comes down to this one important point. This president has America’s best interests at heart. Liberals can just gnash their teeth until they need to see the dentist. Unless that too is contrary to American interests.

How do you see the future of our involvement in Climate Change and is it even a real thing?


4 thoughts on “POLL: Do you agree that American Jobs are MORE IMPORTANT than the Climate Change Agreement?”

  1. Climate change is important …. but we’re the cave men and dinasours the reason for climate change . This is going to happen just like the land shifting together and apart as well as sinking.


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