POLL: Do you agree with Trump taking money from Sanctuary Cities and using it to help Injured Vets?


Patriotism is far from dead in this country. With the election of Donald Trump, there is a new attitude at work. Many people are letting it be known they love this land.

The American flag is being seen and not as a fire starter. The military has a huge support system. The Obama’s are gone and respect is starting to rear its head.

People are displaying their pride in various ways.

In the recent marathon that saw a bombing a few years ago, someone ran with pride. A retired marine ran carrying the stars and stripes with pride. The thing is…he is an amputee.

This man from Texas used the race as an opportunity to represent patriotism.

Per Washington Examiner reported:

Retired Texas Marine Staff Sgt. Jose Sanchez is a recovering amputee, but that didn’t stop him from leaving an indelible mark on this year’s Boston Marathon.

Sanchez was injured in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan and has been private about the incident until now.

For five years, a gift Sanchez received from his fellow Marines remained unopened. Yet, it was that gift that changed his perspective and spurred him from his antisocial state.

The gift was a large American flag signed by his fellow troops with notes of encouragement and inspiration.

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This is a man that gave a lot and wanted others to see why. The story continues.

Sanchez was determined to not merely put the flag away, but to display it in honor of the troops who motivated him to get past his anger and depression and find a positive outlet to give back. So he proudly displayed the flag as he ran the Boston Marathon.


The left cannot understand the reasoning of a man like Mr. Sanchez. They think he should be raging and firing off at the nation. But what they do not realize is he looks past his loss.

This courageous soldier sees the value in the country and its people. He loves America and will not treat her like dirt. Maybe they can take a age from his life-book and …never mind. They can’t read his manuscript.  Too right for their left minds.

Stories like this remind us all of what is good about this country. It’s history alone catalogs resolve and resonance of it’s citizens. Want to capture a glimpse of what’s right in America?

Look at a video of the amazing run of this warrior/soldier/marine.

How do stories like this make you feel?

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