Trump Approval SOARS!

The vets love President Trump because President Trump loves the vets.

During the 2o16 campaign, Donald Trump vowed to help our nation’s forgotten heroes.

And since winning the White House, he’s doing just that.

A new poll shows that 54% of vets approve of the job President Trump is doing.

That sounds about right and is likely reflective of what all Americans think and feel, but our lying media shoves their famous “fake polls” down our collective throats.

From Town Hall

Pew Research Center highlighted findings Friday that President Trump’s job approval is higher amongst U.S. veterans than the overall public.

In April, 54 percent of military veterans approved of the president’s job performance compared to just 39 percent job approval among the American public according to the same April survey, conducted using Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel.

Pew notes that “Both younger and older veterans gave higher approval ratings for Trump than did younger and older adults overall. Nearly half of veterans ages 18 to 49 (46 percent) approved of Trump’s job performance, compared with only 31 percent of all adults younger than 50.

Among those 50 and older, nearly six-in-ten veterans (58 percent) supported Trump, while about half of all older adults (49 percent) said the same.”

The polling center also noted that Trump held a wide 60-34 percent advantage over Clinton among veterans, according to a national exit poll conducted by Edison Research for the National Election Pool.

The polling data was “drawn from the panel wave conducted April 4-April 18, 2017 among 4,168 respondents. The margin of sampling error for the full sample of 4,168 respondents is plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.”


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