MUST WATCH: George W. Bush DESTROYS Matt Lauer’s Career for Attacking Trump

The mainstream media is so biased against Trump. Thank goodness there are still people willing to expose the media for their obvious deception.

Former President Bush made an appearance on Matt Lauer’s biased show. During the show, Lauer asked Bush if Trump had done anything that would “attempt to heal the wounds of the country.” Bush responded by saying that it was too early to judge, and said, “When I was president, you mattered a lot more.” (via Western Journalism)

Thank you, Former President Bush. Someone had to say it. Matt Lauer and the mainstream media have gone too far with their anti-Trump agenda. They haven’t even given Trump a chance to act as president.

The mainstream media is so biased. They don’t care about the truth, and they don’t care about fairness. They were excited when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, but they can’t even give Trump a month before passing criticism.

The media has been pushing a leftist agenda for so long. The Obama era compromised the integrity of journalism.

Do you remember when the polls said Hillary Clinton would win? Clearly, the polls are worthless — yet, the mainstream media is still relying on polls for the truth. They keep polling people about Trump’s approval rating. Where are they sampling these polls? The Upper East Side of New York?

 The mainstream media is so obsessed with undermining Trump. They have completely ignored truth and fact. If the media valued their work, they would at least give Trump a chance. Unfortunately, journalism has simply become a means of spreading Democrat propaganda.

The mainstream media is a leftist propaganda machine, so they only care about pushing radical leftist agendas. We all know that the radical Left is anti-American AND globalist. The globalists are committed to destroying our borders.

We need our borders, but the globalists (and the radical Left) don’t care about America or sovereignty. Instead, they would rather import as many votes as they can. Because of the globalists, like Obama, our borders are unprotected. Illegal immigrants and unvetted refugees have been flooding into our country. We now are seeing Sharia law spread within our borders.

We need to hold Obama and the globalists accountable for their anti-American policies. They’re too ready to sell our country to the highest bidder. Finally, Americans are starting to wake up to the downfalls of globalism.

We need an America-first attitude, not an America-last set of policies. Thankfully, Trump is an America-first guy, so we are safe for now, patriots.

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