Watch This 5-Year-Old Show America What The 2nd Amendment REALLY Means

Liberals can hate on this little boy’s firearm skills all they want, but someday they’ll be praising him when he saves their LIFE.

5-year-old Wyatt is showing America the TRUE meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

Wyatt was taught the fundamentals of gun handling, marksmanship and safety by a professional for more than two years before handling an actual firearm. He began training with toy guns, then airsoft weapons, and is just now using an actual pistol.

With a father who has 40 years of firearm experience and 30 years of training personnel in the US and abroad, Wyatt was blessed with the absolute BEST training. His father, Joede, served 20 years in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, spending his last 9 years in SWAT.

“Wyatt liked playing with toy guns. He liked playing soldier or policeman or SWAT guy. He liked me to play along with him and I always attempted to find the time. So really, at least to me it makes sense, he learned how to handle his gun safely,” Joede revealed in an exclusive interview with QPolitical.

“GOD blessed me with a gift of firearms and tactical knowledge along with the ability to instruct it to others. All of that GOD given talent is in my child. His playing guns wasn’t just about playing guns. It was and still is about firearms safety, manipulation and the roll they play in self defense,” Joede continued.

Check out the disclaimer Wyatt’s dad included with the video:

“For those inspired by this video to train your children in the use of firearms, please recognize that this child has been trained by a professional for more than 2 years prior to handling an actual firearm. Safety should always be paramount in firearms training!”

Watch the video right now:

Wyatt may be only 5, but the discipline he gained in firearm training has made him more mature than most adults. I think we’re witnessing a SWAT officer in the making! God bless this family.

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