Liberals Joke About Veterans Who Suffered PTSD, Gets INSTANTLY WRECKED By Amputee Congressman

Liberals have literally lost their lobes.  If you thought liberals were crazy before, then this will open eyes across the globe as it shines a light on the true mental illness named LIBERALISM.

When tons of people say liberalism is a disease, your first reaction is that it’s just a joke. But then you experience true liberalism around you, on television, in the media, on websites, and anywhere else and you begin thinking “WTF is wrong with those people?”

And the truth is that they literally are insane and they hate themselves and they need serious help breaking out of their liberal mentality that forbids them from having any common sense or logic whatsoever.

Here’s a perfect example of how liberals don’t think before they speak – let alone do anything.

They have now come up with a name for their plight, they’re calling it “Post-Election Stress Disorder.”  The title is a nod toward the condition that many returning veterans experience, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD is a serious disorder, it is believed to be responsible for suicides in a large number of active duty military and veterans. Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes. As shocking as the number is, it may actually be higher.*

Some veterans are taking exception, with good reason, to liberals even insinuating that their disappointment over Hillary Clinton losing an election comes close to what is experienced on the battlefield.

The liberals who are butt-hurt over the FAIR results of the FAIR election have created a term called PESD for post election stress disorder. It’s a play on the label PTSD which many war veterans suffer when they are lucky enough to return home from battle after seeing and doing things most humans couldn’t handle.

Veterans aren’t very fond of it. These are the people who fought for our rights to be as coo, smart, stupid, and fun as we can in our great country of America. It would behoove these borderline spectrum libturds to have some common decency and originality.

You mean to tell me that your weak candidate losing is comparable to veterans who are forced to shoot people, get shot at, see friends perish, can’t sleep because they hear explosions in their head and that’s just like PTSD? I think not. I also think liberals should’ve thought about how stupid they were – not for the name, but for the simple fact that they even gave themselves a disorder.

You have to be mentally ill to create a fake disorder so that you can be the victim of something else.



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