Protesters Attempt to Block Motorcycle Police from Passing, HUGE MISTAKE!

A small group of  protesters were attempting to stop motorcycle police from doing their jobs when

a group of other policeman decided to take matters into their own hands and clear the roadway by force!

Apparently these people don’t understand the laws of attempting to stop police investigations in order to make a political statement.

I don’t think the officers made their point clear enough. Not one of those protesters should’ve remained standing.

At some point there needs to be examples made as a deterrent and clear message to others, that no one may touch the police officer, it doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong.

The moment then someone touched the police officer, he should have jumped off that bike, put them down on the ground, flipped them on their chest, handcuffed them, and then thrown them into a car.

I gather these are rookies in training and the veterans will be watching this on their break hour back at the station.

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